Careers at SC Johnson

Compensation and Benefits

Our innovative products, enduring principles and great company culture are enough to attract people to SC Johnson. But we also offer a comprehensive, competitive package of compensation and benefits.

Competitive Pay

SC Johnson’s total compensation packages are at or above industry levels, and include elements including base salary, bonuses, long-term incentives and benefits. Importantly, we regularly check in with external benchmarks and internal measures to ensure people at the company are fairly compensated.

Beyond the Paycheck

Compensation goes beyond merely a paycheck. Other elements in our total compensation package include profit sharing based on company profitability, job level and years of service; matching on 401(k) contributions; and potential bonus payments based on job performance.

Generous Benefits

The company’s benefit programs include elements such as subsidized health care benefits, maternity/paternity/adoption leave, recreation and fitness centers, vacation purchase options, paid sabbaticals, flexible work arrangements, counseling services, child care, onsite training and more. Different countries have different offerings, but all are competitive in the local marketplace.

Programs for Families

As a family company, SC Johnson believes in helping employees care for their families, too. That’s why SC Johnson operations around the world offer a variety of family-oriented programs, including in many countries generous maternity/paternity/adoption leave, child care, family volunteer events, scholarships for students and more.

The best people of all backgrounds, doing their best work, supported by a culture of inclusion and fairness, to drive innovation, quality, and results.

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