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Finance & Accounting

If you’re a numbers person, you know: experience adds up. And at SC Johnson, we offer ample opportunities to gain experience and grow in your career.

What’s Special about Finance and Accounting at SC Johnson?

  • We’re a leading company with winning brands. Chances are you too have a lot of SC Johnson products in your own home. 
  • We offer early responsibility and the chance to work on significant financial projects.
  • We offer a great deal of corporate challenges, resources and opportunities. 
  • Being a family company means we have long-term financial objectives. So our Finance team focuses on building value through long-term results, instead of next quarter's earnings. And our Accounting and Finance teams help contribute to managing the business, not just financial reporting. 
  • We’re global! That means a broad range of learning opportunities and exposure to multiple cultures and disciplines in more than 70 countries. 
  • Plus, you'd be joining a great company that does what's right today and for tomorrow.

Great Opportunities    

We believe in developing our people with consistent rotations and increasing challenges. While other companies may give you a small piece of a project, at SC Johnson you will start by analyzing projects, influencing teams and driving decisions from the day you join our team. That's one of our biggest points of difference. Finance Opportunities    

In addition, your development is designed with long-term success in mind. By being exposed to various areas of financial management early in your career, you will gain experiences that will allow you to develop the skills you need to be successful in senior level positions within the organization.    

Support for Growth  

Our dynamic areas of businesses offer you a wide variety of development choices. You'll have the chance to work in finance and accounting positions that range from Manufacturing, Marketing and Sales to business roles like Audit and Corporate Analysis. 

In addition, we strongly believe in providing development programs such as training, mentoring, career planning and educational assistance to help our employees reach their maximum potential.      


Our robust training curriculum for finance and accounting employees is designed to standardize finance tools and best practices, advance employees' planning and analysis capabilities, and unify training to ensure consistency. It offers both technical and personal development. Through this program you'll gain exposure to corporate-wide strategy and standards and develop competencies beyond your basic job requirements.



We make mentoring a priority in the Finance and Accounting organizations. Learn more about our mentoring program.  

Career Planning

When you join SC Johnson, you will have the opportunity to manage your own career. Through our Management Succession & Development (MS&D) process, you will have the ability to direct your career, rather than having it dictated to you. Educational Assistance: We know a professional's education does not end when they leave school. As a result, SC Johnson offers a variety of options for you to continually refine your professional skills. Employees are eligible to participate in programs such as our tuition reimbursement, on-site training courses or professional certification programs.

How do I start?  

Find out about recruiting programs for SC Johnson.  

Find out about our internship opportunities, see our intern program page.  

Want more info? Check out our Finance & Accounting FAQs.                                

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