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Undergraduate Program

SC Johnson's Undergraduate Marketing Program is a comprehensive training and work experience program designed to prepare recent college graduates for the position of Assistant Brand Manager.

You’ll start with one year of Sales training followed by four months of new hire training and orientation. During training, you'll learn how each function operates, the issues and challenges they face, and how their responsibilities interrelate with other functions in the organization.

New hire training includes involvement in:

  • Market research
  • Product research and development 
  • Product supply 
  • Packaging 
  • Advertising and promotion 
  • Finance

After training is completed you'll move into an introductory marketing position as Marketing Assistant for a period of six months or more, depending on performance. As a Marketing Assistant, you'll learn how to apply your training to work more effectively in the organization and create programs that meet the needs of both our retailers and SC Johnson consumers.

Successful Marketing Assistants are then appointed to the position of Assistant Brand Manager, with typical MBA entry-level responsibilities.

Here is a graphic overview of the undergrad program:

Undergrad Marketing Program

What’s It Like?

Here’s what some past participants have to say.

"I've learned so much from this program, and I have much more responsibility than I anticipated. SC Johnson really believes in assigning responsibility from day one, giving you your own projects, and letting you take your ideas and run with them. The Undergrad Marketing Program is also great for leadership skill development."
- Jamie, Marketing Assistant

"This program is an outstanding opportunity for undergraduates to catapult themselves into a field that's normally reserved for people with MBAs. What I found most useful was understanding the products and understanding our business from a retailer's perspective and a trade perspective before entering marketing. As a marketer, you have to address the needs of retailers as well as end users, and I learned how to develop programs that meet those different needs."
- Sean, Category Manager

"We're one of the only companies that recruits undergrads for marketing, and it really is a unique experience. With the cross-functional training, I spent four months working and training in all areas of the company. That gave me a huge leg up relative to some of the MBAs because I knew who to call to get things done. You really get to understand manufacturing, lead times, production runs, labor, and research from the researcher's perspective not the marketing perspective. It's an eye-opening experience."
- Maggie, Associate Brand Manager

Featured Employee

Sharon Supply Chain Planning Manager

“My family and I are enjoying our first international assignment! It has been a great experience that we will forever appreciate.” Get to know Sharon

Paul Team Lead Specialist

"I have over 100 Hawaiian shirts in my wardrobe which I wear to work on a daily basis." Get to know Paul.

Patrice Sales General Manager

"I’m most proud of being part of the management team that initially developed the company’s Consumer Insights and Category Management expertise, back when these were brand new concepts in our industry." Get to know Patrice.

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