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RD&E Internships

An RD&E Co-op or Internship at SC Johnson not only gives you a chance to learn about consumer products, it also offers an opportunity to work with other functions within and outside of RD&E. You’ll learn how each function contributes to the development of a product, from innovation to ideation to marketing.

RD&E Co-op or Intern
During on-campus recruiting, we recruit interns from the following disciplines:

  • Product Research 
    • Chemistry majors 
    • Chemical Engineering majors
  • Process Development 
    • Chemical Engineering majors 
    • Mechanical Engineering majors 
  • Package Development 
    • Packaging Engineering majors

RD&E Co-Op and Intern Opportunities

Product Research
For Chemistry or Chemical Engineering Students
Work as part of a team with others in Process Development, Package Development, Manufacturing and Marketing to develop innovative technology and launch new products. Project assignments might contribute to the following areas:

  • Development of innovative formulations and new product ideas. 
  • Development of base technical capabilities that enable new products. 
  • Provide creative troubleshooting assistance to US and international Manufacturing


Process Development:
For Chemical Engineering Students
You’ll get a project in the Process Development Department and will work with others in Package Development, Manufacturing, and Marketing. Project assignments might contribute to the following areas:

  • Develop innovative processes and scale-up from bench to pilot plant to production. 
  • Coordinate pilot plant operations including design and selection of pilot plant equipment for new products. 
  • Design experiments for process optimization. 
  • Provide creative troubleshooting assistance to manufacturing. 
  • Manufacturing


For Mechanical Engineering Students
You’ll be a member of the Home Storage RD&E team in support of process development initiatives for the United States and emerging overseas markets. Under the direction of a senior engineer, you’ll take part in the design, development and implementation of highly specialized machinery and converting process equipment for the unique needs of the bags, wraps and containers. You’ll work both independently and as a part of a multifunctional team with others in Marketing, Manufacturing and RD&E. Example of initial assignments include:

  • Design and implement specialized equipment to automate a manual production operation. 
  • Design/select fabrication methods for prototype products to be tested with consumers 
  • Design equipment to prepare prototype of a new product design.


For Package Engineering Students
Assignments consist of entire projects and major elements that can be completed during the internship. The main focus is be on evaluating packaging components such as bottles, closures, triggers, labels, cans and corrugates. Project assignments might contribute to the following areas:

  • Assist in the qualification process of blow-molded packaging components 
  • Evaluate packaging materials for existing products and new products. 
  • Plan and conduct tests that compare packaging materials. 
  • Work with suppliers to source packaging components.


Featured Employee

Sharon Supply Chain Planning Manager

“My family and I are enjoying our first international assignment! It has been a great experience that we will forever appreciate.” Get to know Sharon

Paul Team Lead Specialist

"I have over 100 Hawaiian shirts in my wardrobe which I wear to work on a daily basis." Get to know Paul.

Patrice Sales General Manager

"I’m most proud of being part of the management team that initially developed the company’s Consumer Insights and Category Management expertise, back when these were brand new concepts in our industry." Get to know Patrice.

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