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How to Attract Birds to Your Yard This Spring

Feb 24, 2015
Diane Hoffmaster

How to attract birds to your yard this spring

Bird watching is a great way to pass the time, especially when they’re helping you keep bugs away from your plants. That’s right, while most people look for ways to avoid attracting wildlife into their gardens, seeing your plants free of pesky caterpillars is a good reason to have them stay. Here are a few tips to help you add some life and movement into your yard this spring:

1.    Provide food. This seems rather simple but you really need to research the type of birds you have in your area, because not all birds eat the same thing. Providing a variety of food choices such as fruits, seeds and nuts is a smart choice.  

2.    Know what foods to avoid. Just like some foods are toxic to dogs, there are several foods that are not good for birds. Bacon drippings often contain nitrates and other ingredients that are harmful to birds. Bread, crackers or other processed carbohydrates can have problematic ingredients as well, so just be sure you research the food before leaving it out.

3.    Choose the right bird feeder. If you put the wrong type of bird feeder in your yard, you run the risk of attracting squirrels and chipmunks instead of birds. Look for bird feeders that are resistant to other types of wildlife. Consider specialty bird feeders like hummingbird nectar feeders, suet cages and trays for live mealworms.

4.    Provide a water source. A birdbath will be used by birds not only to drink but also as a place to bathe. A pond or fountain also makes a great water source for backyard birds.

5.    Provide shelter. Birds are skittish creatures with many natural predators. Make sure they have convenient places to hide like trees and bushes that are not too far from your food and water source.

6.    Timing. The first step to attracting birds in spring is to be an early bird. The first migrating birds may appear as early as February. When the first birds start coming through, they’ll be looking for food so make sure they can find some in your yard!

What do you do to attract birds into your garden?

Photo courtesy of Diane Hoffmaster.

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