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Thrift Store Shopping: Entertainment Edition

Mar 10, 2015

Thrift Store Shopping: Entertainment Edition 

Do you entertain friends and family often? Do you like to host holiday dinners? My secret to creating a great collection of entertaining pieces to have on hand (that don’t cost a fortune and allow you to reuse rather than purchasing new) is to buy them at a thrift store. If you make it a point to browse a second hand store, you will be surprised what gems you will discover. Make a few trips and keep an eye out for these pieces. If the price is right (and it will be), begin your collection and you’ll be ready to entertain a crowd big or small.

Glassware: I always find the best glassware when thrifting! Water goblets, wine glasses, coffee mugs, and even pitchers and carafes. Mixing and matching is perfectly acceptable. I always buy in sets of four.

Mix n’ match plates: These are great finds especially for summer entertaining. With Memorial Day coming up, mix n’ match plates are perfect for plating various dishes and also add a little bit of color to your party theme!

Holiday décor: Thrift stores are great for purchasing holiday décor items for less! The best time to start looking for these is right after the holidays as many people give away their seasonal items. I’ve found so many great pieces during this time!

Furniture: Whether you need extra seating indoors or out, thrift stores are your best friend for inexpensive finds. I’ve found so many fabulous chairs and benches that with a little bit of DIY-patching, they’ve become staples in our home!

What great finds have you gotten at a thrift store?

Photo courtesy of Tori Tait.

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