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Ecofriendly Weed Barriers for Your Garden

Jul 28, 2015
Scarlet Paolicchi

Gardens are a wonderful and ecofriendly source for fresh food! Although gardening is one of my favorite seasonal hobbies for relaxation purposes, I also like to use it as a learning tool to teach my children about the importance of responsibility. Plus, it’s a great way to get them outdoors! Once you have gone through the motion of choosing which plants to grow, designated a gardening area and planted your plants, your garden should be in full swing, and if you didn't plan ahead, weeds may be in full swing as well!  Well, don’t fret. I have the perfect ecofriendly solution to help you get rid of those weeds in no time.  

Ecofriendly weed barriers for your garden 

The great thing about most ecofriendly weed barriers is that they can serve several functions besides just blocking weed growth. For example, using certain mulch options as your weed barrier also adds nutrients to the soil as it decomposes, which improves soil water retention and reduces soil erosion. Below are a few weed barrier options to help get your garden in order:

1.    Grass clippings. If you mow your lawn, use a bagger to collect your grass clippings. Once you’ve finished mowing, distribute the excess grass clippings around your garden plants (this option is only good if you don't use store-bought pesticide and herbicide to maintain your lawn).

2.    Straw mulch. Apply straw mulch (stalks of grain plants–most commonly, wheat) in a layer around the base of your plants to prevent weed growth. I usually layer the ground with about 3-inches of mulch to carry me through throughout the entire gardening season. If you’re unsure about where to purchase this item, ask your local gardening store.

3.    Leaves. This is another great nutrient-rich mulch that is easily accessible for most, especially during the early and mid-fall timeframe. Come garden seasoning, the leaves will have begun to decompose by this time creating an effective mulch that helps prolong our plants’ life span. Again just spread a thick layer around the base of your garden plants for optimum results.

4.    Pine mulch. This mulch option is not a perfect fit for everyone. Pine mulch tends to increase soil acidity so if the soil you are using has increased levels of acid already, this may be a poor choice.  However, if you have a soil with slight alkaline, this is the perfect choice for your plants. To ensure this option is a fit, purchase a pH testing kit (available at most hardware or home improvement stores) to test the acidity level in your garden and ask your local gardening store associate if pine mulch works for you.

5.    Paper mulch. If you have leftover cardboard boxes laying around your home, this is a great way to reuse them. Simply lay the cardboard down flat over the soil around your existing garden plants. This will block out sun from reaching any existing weeds, helping to stunt their growth. Another easily accessible mulch option is used newspapers. Again, layer your plants with the papers and then spray them with water to prevent them from blowing away. You may also want to set a few stones around the edges to keep them in place.

What is your favorite ecofriendly mulch option for you garden? What are you favorite plants to grow during the summertime?

Photo courtesy of Scarlet Paolicchi.

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