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Easy Ways to Conserve Energy This Fall

Oct 15, 2015
Diane Hoffmaster

Easy Ways to Conserve Energy this Fall 

The cool weather has finally arrived which means that most of us will soon be turning on the heaters in our home. Increased energy usage in the fall is not only a strain on our environment, but also on our budgets. If you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint and save a few pennies, here are just a few of my suggestions on how to conserve energy as you’re faced with colder weather.

•    Have your furnace serviced. Probably the greatest energy savings will come from having your furnace properly serviced before using it. Since it has been sitting unused for a few months, having it looked at by a professional is a good idea to ensure it is stable enough to run throughout the winter. Also, clean the filters now before it gets too frigid out!

•    Install a programmable thermostat. Keep your home at approximately 68 degrees during the winter and set the thermostat to automatically drop the temperature during the night. Since you will be under the covers, you won't even notice the difference. If you are away from home during the day, you can also set it a few degrees cooler while you are at work, too.

•    Rearrange the furniture. Make sure that your bed, chair or couch is not blocking a vent.  Proper air circulation will help keep your house warm and with vents blocked, you are wasting money. You should also vacuum any vents to make sure dust and debris are not blocking air flow.

•    Seal the house up as best as possible. Caulking, weather stripping, and pretty cloth door draft blockers all help keep the cold winter air out of your home. They will also keep the warm air that you paid to heat INSIDE your home.  

•    Close off unused areas. Keep doors closed to rooms that are rarely used. If you have a guest bedroom or spare bathroom that aren't used, there is no reason to heat them. Keep the doors closed as much as possible to reducing heating costs.  

•    Take advantage of natural lighting. Keep the blinds open during the day to let in the sunlight. At night, close the blinds to help retain that heat.  

•    Install a ceiling fan. Heat rises and the heat collecting at the ceiling does nothing to keep you warm on your couch. Turn on the ceiling fan and help push that warm air down a bit lower. It might keep you from nudging that thermostat up a degree or two.  

Do you have any energy conservation tips for fall that you want to share?

Photo courtesy of Diane Hoffmaster.

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