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15 Unique Ideas for Home Decor Cloche Displays

Oct 20, 2015
Cathe Holden

Just as a good mat-and-frame or shadow box can turn an ordinary object into a work of art for your wall, so too can a glass cloche for tabletop decorating.  Often referred to as bell jars, not only are there limitless objects to encase in them, but there also are many everyday items you can use as cloches. The bases for supporting these domes are endless. 

15 Unique Ideas for Home Decor Cloche Displays 

Back row, left to right: A large home-décor knob-top cloche, a mantle clock dome.Front row, left to right: A wide-mouth mason jar, a tiny thrifted glass dome, an outdoor light fixture globe, and an antique watchmaker’s staking tool set glass cover. 

15 Unique Ideas for Home Decor Cloche Displays 

1.    An outdoor light fixture replacement globe can be found at many home improvement stores. An old metal jar lid serves as a base for mine.

2.    A wide-mouth mason jar (center) makes a fantastic cloche when displayed upside down and utilizes its own lid as the base. I add wash tape, or other paper embellishment, to the lid to further decorate. Then, I perch the final display atop a wooden painted candlestick.

3.    A tiny glass dome found at the thrift store covers a little doll part and sits atop a vintage cosmetic container.

15 Unique Ideas for Home Decor Cloche Displays 

4.    A light fixture dome holds my collection of vintage six-inch rulers, and rests in another jar lid.

5.    A mantle clock dome covering an old spool of cotton-covered wire and rusty scissors has a base made from a roll of jute upholstery webbing. My largest cloche encases a favorite flea market find, a vintage Boy Scout award.

6.    Old wood and sisal machine polishing disks not only make excellent bases for cloches, but are also fun conversation pieces!

15 Unique Ideas for Home Decor Cloche Displays 

7.    An old freezer jar makes the perfect glass dome for a tiny winter scene, and uses an old broken holiday ornament and bottle-brush tree. 

15 Unique Ideas for Home Decor Cloche Displays 

8.    Using a cloche to cover your handcrafted art piece puts it center stage. This large cloche was a part of a décor piece I found at a second-hand store with a dated plastic bird and nest inside. Seeing past the unattractive content and appreciating the potential of the dome itself, I got a great display case at a cheap price!

9.    A cloche within a cloche makes for a quirky composition. Tiny cork-base cloches can be found in most craft stores. 

15 Unique Ideas for Home Decor Cloche Displays 

10.    Use a cloche to showcase a very special memento. My late father loved doing many things by hand, including watch repair and whittling. Above is a little wooden horse he whittled and painted that I preserved inside the dome and base from his antique watchmaker’s staking tool set. I attached a little prize ribbon and a stenciled round mirror-base topper. It’s a sweet display that brings warm memories of my Pop.

11.    Glass cloches are also excellent for displaying and keeping small-size collections like old game pieces, wine corks and souvenirs, and supplies, such as ribbon scraps and buttons. Turn the dome over, fill, and cap with a base, then turn right-side up and display.

12.    Cheese domes and covered cake plates also make excellent cloche displays.

13.    Saucers, salad and dinner plates make excellent cloche bases. When thrifting, keep an eye out for round shapes that will also serve well, depending on the size of your dome, like an old clock face or wooden drink coaster.

14.    When displaying cloches in groupings, elevate one or more pedestals made from stacked books.

15.    Turn wineglasses or other clear drinking glasses over onto individual sprigs of foliage in the center of plates for a unique place-setting presentation for guests.

Have you decorated with a cloche? Tell us about it!

Photos courtesy of Cathe Holden.

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On Saturday, October 24, 2015, Robin from Missouri wrote

yes, cloches are fun! thanks for directing us here from your blog!


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