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Mini Embroidery Hoop Frame Craft

Jan 06, 2016
Cathe Holden

Embroidery hoops are great for many things other than embroidery. I have used them as rings for hanging mobiles, as well as forms to create wreaths. In addition, they can be used to make adorable frames for photographs or artwork. Here is a mini frame project using leftover craft supplies. Construct multiple hoop frames into wall hanging arrangements, give as sweet little gifts or even use as gift toppers!


4-inch wood embroidery hoop
Desktop printer
Photograph or artwork printed to plain paper, photo paper or printable cotton fabric
Chipboard, heavy cardstock and thin cardboard. Cereal boxes from the recycle bin work great.
Small rubber stamps with alphabet letters or words on them*
Decorative Washi tape (decorative masking tape)*
Bakers twine or thin cording
Craft adhesive

*Optional, other suggested materials included below.

Step 1

Separate the outer hoop (the hoop that the closure fixture is attached to) from the plain inner hoop. Trace the outside of the inner hoop onto the chipboard (thick pressed fiber paper). Using scissors cut out the circle on your chipboard approximately 1/8” larger than the tracing. This will create the backing piece for the hoop frame. 

Step 1 

Step 2

Repeat the tracing and cutting steps for the printed image. 

Step 2


Step 3

Decorate the outside area of the outer hoop, which is the hoop with the closure fixture, using small stamps or other mediums. You can adhere decorative Washi tape to inside of the hoop, trimming away any excess from the sides. In lieu of rubber stamps and Washi tape, you can print out strips of text or patterns or use coordinating ribbon to glue around and inside the hoops. 

Step 3 

Step 4

Place inner hoop inside the outer hoop and glue bakers twine or thin cording around the front of the two hoops to hide the crack where they meet. Tuck the ends of twine into the gap between the hoops and glue in place.

Step 5

Glue printed image to the backing chipboard by running glue around the back edges of the small inner hoop and place printed image with chipboard into place, making sure your hoop fixture is aligned on top.

Step 6

Finish by attaching miscellaneous craft supplies such as scrapbook embellishments, ribbons, buttons, etc.  

Step 6 

For hanging, use poster putty or tie a string or ribbon to the hoop closure to suspend. You can also attach a magnet to the back for hanging on a metal surface.

What could you frame with a sweet little embroidery hoop?

Photos courtesy of Cathe Holden.

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