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DIY Felt Sewing Needle Case

Mar 01, 2016
Cathe Holden

If you enjoy both machine and hand sewing, this DIY felt sewing needle case is a fun and simple project craft for storing your needles, with or without thread, for safekeeping and travel. Felt needle cases also make wonderful gifts for your family or friends who sew or embroider.

DIY Felt Sewing Needle Case 


9” x 12” piece of 100 percent natural wool felt
24” length of 3/8” or 1/2” ribbon
Coordinating color threads: spool to match ribbon, bobbin to match felt
Sewing machine


1.    Machine wash and dry felt to shrink and thicken. If purchasing by the yard for multiple needle cases, wash and dry all at once prior to cutting.

2.    Trim modified felt to a 4” x 8” rectangle using fabric scissors or pinking shears for decorative edge.

3.    Place the ribbon starting at the left edge of the felt and approximately 1” down from the top. Then, using the sewing machine, stitch along the short edge of ribbon, then turn the corner and sew along the top edge to the end of the felt piece. Then, turn the corner and stitch down the other end of the ribbon, then back along the lower length to meet back up where you began.

4.    Overlap the beginning stitch and use the reverse function to secure your sewing. Stitch and reverse at the long loose end where trimmed to add a finished edge. Depending on ribbon material, you may need to fold a very small section of the long end ribbon and sew the fold to secure and prevent unravelling.

DIY Felt Sewing Needle Case 

Note: I used 3/8” velvet ribbon and customized with a name rubber stamp for one case, and decorative jacquard ribbon for another case.


1.    Insert needles through the bump created in the ribbon strip.

DIY Felt Sewing Needle Case 

2.    Fold case in half lengthwise, or roll up, then secure by wrapping loose end of ribbon around and tucking back into itself.

DIY Felt Sewing Needle Case 


• Keep pre-threaded needles with your embroidery project’s color palette of floss to avoid stopping often to thread.

• Stitch plastic packaging inserts from new needle packs directly into the wool case.

DIY Felt Sewing Needle Case 

• Turn your case into a travel emergency sewing kit by adding safety pins, pre-threaded needles of various color thread, and loosely stitched buttons for quick repairs. Tuck in a pair of nail clippers for snipping thread.

• Decorate your felt needle case with your favorite embroidery stiches and motifs.

What types of sewing projects do you enjoy making?

Photo courtesy of Cathe Holden.

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