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10 Easy-to-Grow Herbs

Apr 11, 2016
Melissa Hincha-Ownby

Easy to grow herbs 

I don’t have a green thumb, in fact. Many a plant has fallen at my hands over the years, but recently I’ve discovered that there is something that I can actually keep alive—fresh herbs! There’s nothing better than adding a fresh basil leaf to your pasta or sprinkling some hand-picked cilantro on your tacos. If you’re a brown thumb like me, consider planting one of these 10 easy-to-grow herbs.

1. Basil – Grows best in a warm and sunny room. Since I live in Arizona, my house is almost always above 72 degrees, perfect for basil.

2. Cilantro – My daughter’s favorite herb is cilantro and she is known to pick off a few leaves and eat it just like that. It’s a good thing that all it really needs to thrive is full sun and thorough watering.

3. Oregano – There are several oregano varieties, with Greek oregano being the easiest to grow indoors. It thrives in full or partial sun.

4. Rosemary – Grows best in full sun, so place it near your basil and both herbs will be happy.

5. Sage – Sage also requires full sun, but in a pinch indoor lighting can help fill the lighting needs.

6. Thyme – Best in full sun, but it is shade tolerant. Make sure to give it space because it is a bit more delicate with its growth cycle.

7. Chives – Chives are arguably the easiest indoor herb to grow. If you want to start off slow, plant some chives and see how you do.

8. Parsley – Like oregano, parsley can tolerate full or partial sunlight, making it great for an indoor winter herb garden.

9. Mint – Mint doesn’t need much sunlight to grow, but make sure to keep it separate from the other herbs as it can easily overtake them.

10. Ginger – When I think of an indoor herb garden, I think of leafy plants. However, ginger is an easy herb to grow and we use it regularly, so it made my top ten list.

What herbs are in your indoor garden?

Photo courtesy of Melissa Hincha-Ownby.

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