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Make Your Own Grape Cluster Pillow

Jun 02, 2016
Angie Ramirez

grape cluster pillow 

Just last week, my little girl asked me to make her a fun pillow. Her bed is already filled with pillows that I have made or bought, such as a balloon animal pillow, a knot pillow, a heart pillow, a pizza pillow and a mini pretzel pillow, just to name a few. I know it sounds crazy, but I will admit that I have a slight obsession with décor and accent pillows. I love making them, and they can be the easiest and most stylish way to refresh a home!

Making pillows is super easy and one of my favorite crafts. Now let’s grab some of your favorite fabric prints and start pillow making!

Materials needed:

Half yard of purple stretchy fabric
Fiberfill, about 5 ounces
Purple thread and needle
6-inch circle stencil (I used a lid with a 6 inch diameter)
7-inch circle stencil
Large green faux leaf
Brown felt


First step: Making 22 purple pompoms.

To make the pompoms, trace and cut 22 circles using your 6-inch pattern and one pompom using a 7-inch pattern.

trace circles 

Using a needle and thread, sew along the edge of the circle, pulling the thread to gather the fabric. Add fiberfill and pull thread to close. As you pull and gather the fabric, sew in the middle to close the pompom.

sew pompoms

stuff pompoms

close pompoms

Repeat to make 23 pompoms.

Second Step: Forming the Grapes.

First row (5 pompoms): Sew two pompoms together, adding a third, fourth and a fifth pompom to form the base of the grape cluster.

sew pompoms together 

Second row (6 pompoms): Add and sew one pompom in the middle. After, sew in 6 pompoms around the previous middle pompom.

Third row (6 pompoms): Sew the 7-inch pompom in the middle, and add 6 more pompoms around the middle of the 7-inch pompom.

Fourth row (3 pompoms): Sew in the last remaining 3 pompoms in the middle.

Third Step: Adding the leaf and stem.

Cut a 2-inch by 5-inch piece of brown felt. Roll it tightly and hot glue together to secure. Hot glue the green leaf to the side of the brown stem. Sew or glue the leaf and stem on top of the grape cluster pompoms.

My daughter is already asking if I can make her a banana pillow and I think I may just be inspired to do so.

What other fruit will you craft as a pillow?

Photo courtesy of Angie Ramirez.

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On Sunday, June 26, 2016, Natalia from Huesca. Spain wrote

Fantastic idea!!!. I love it Regards. Natalia


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