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Why Design Plays a Critical Role in Eradicating Malaria

When thinking about malaria eradication, design is probably the last thing that comes to mind.  Some people would feel confused; while another group living in or near the small design world would probably think, well of course design plays a role, it is at the very heart of almost everything!...

My First BEST Friend

My First BEST Friend

Malaria is a BIG problem. It kills millions of people each year — especially children under 5. It’s horrifying, but it’s a reality. And one that I experienced firsthand nearly 50 years ago...

My Dowry or My Malaria: The Choices Base of the Pyramid Families Face

...We believe that if we ever hope to create sustainable solutions that will ultimately eradicate malaria, we first need to live with the people that live in malaria’s world...

Two Simple, Powerful Words: Better Lives

Better Lives. Those are two simple, but very powerful words. SC Johnson has a decades-long legacy of making life better for families around the world through our contributions and service. But for us, it’s also about helping save lives and eradicate diseases like malaria...

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