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Using Fewer Resources

As a family company, we’re always looking at ways to protect the earth’s critical resources for generations to come. After all, each of us wants to keep the planet healthy for our children's children.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions >

Greenhouse gas emissions can negatively affect our environment. But at SC Johnson, we put that knowledge into action – like cutting greenhouse gas emissions 55% since 2000.

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Using More Renewable Energy >

At SC Johnson, we use garbage, waste palm shells and wind to help power our facilities, cutting greenhouse gas emissions and our use of fossil fuels. Today, 35% of our global energy use comes from renewable sources.

Leadership Programs and Partnerships >

We’re always on the lookout for ways to conserve energy and reduce waste. That’s why we take part in programs with the U.S. EPA and other organizations to share best practices and track our progress.

Smart Changes: Improvements by the Truckload >

Conserving resources isn’t just about major changes like converting to wind power. It’s also about the details. For example, we cut emissions and fuel use just by empowering employees and by packing our trucks better.

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