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They are parents in the know, ready to bring you tips and tricks for making a more cost-effective, organized, happy and green home. 

ScarletScarlet Paolicchi from "Family Focus Blog"
Scarlet’s passion for the environment and saving money came to life in college when she studied Biology and Economics. Her love of nature and animals goes back to her childhood and drives her to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Scarlet has two small children that she loves teaching about the environment and helping them explore the world. She started the popular "Family Focus Blog" (formerly "Mom Wear Your Tees") to share fun family activities, eco-friendly tips, and money saving opportunities for families. When she is not blogging, you can find her with her husband and children enjoying a hike at the Nature Center or a picnic at one of the local parks in Nashville, Tennessee. Read Scarlet's blog posts at Green Choices.

CatheCathe Holden from "Just Something I Made"
Cathe writes and creates from her studio in Petaluma, California, as a graphic-designer-turned-professional-crafter. She is a mother to three teenage children and the wife of a fireman. On her blog, "Just Something I Made," Cathe shares her passion for crafting and love of vintage style with original content projects and free downloads. She also teaches craft workshops in her studio, Read her blog posts at Family Economics.

Trey BurleyTrey Burley from “Daddy Mojo”
Trey is the founder of “Daddy Mojo” where he shares his journey as a parent and writes about creative eco-friendly projects, lifestyle tips and all things parenting. Trey is the stay-at-home-dad of two active, young boys. Trey and his wife, Jenny, currently reside in Alpharetta, Georgia. When he’s not spending time with his kids or writing for his blog, Trey enjoys browsing the web and exploring social media. Read Trey's blog posts at Green Choices.

Alison LewisAlison Lewis from "Ingredients, Inc."
Alison is a nationally known cookbook author, recipe developer, food, fitness and travel journalist, and is the owner of Ingredients, Inc., a 10-year-old media consulting company in Birmingham, Alabama. Her blog, "Ingredients, Inc." features recipes, travel and fitness tips.  She is also the founder and editor-in-chief of "Healthy Travel," a lifestyle magazine which launched in March 2013. Read Alison's blog posts at Family Economics.

Melanie Edwards

Melanie Edwards from “Modern Mami”
Melanie Edwards is the founder and editor of “Modern Mami,” an award-winning lifestyle blog covering parenting stories, Latino culture, and concerns of working mothers, and is the owner of Ella Media. Married 10 years, she is the proud mother of an energized 7-year-old girl and 2-year-old boy, who are being raised in a bilingual, multicultural environment. Originally from Puerto Rico, Melanie now resides in central Florida. Read Melanie's blog posts at Family Economics.

DianeDiane Hoffmaster from "Turning the Clock Back"
Diane, an environmental enthusiast, began blogging after realizing many of her friends felt overwhelmed when it came to living more ecofriendly. A wife, mother of two and owner of more pets than she can count, strives to help her readers realize that small steps can lead to great change. Her blog, "Turning the Clock Back" provides readers with information on natural living, making ecofriendly choices, cooking from scratch and spending quality time with family. Diane spent many years working in cancer research, academics, and biotechnology and has served on the local PTA board as chair for both the Environmental Committee and Science Night at her children’s school.  Her goal is to simplify her life in the hopes of improving herself and the world around her. Read Diane's blog posts at Green Choices.

Eric PayneEric Payne from “Makes Me Wanna Holler”
Eric is the creator of the award-winning dad, lifestyle and marriage blog, “Makes Me Wanna Holler.” His goal is to inspire others to do more for themselves and their families. Eric is the host of an Atlanta social-digital meet-up, @SocialGrindATL, and has spoken around the country on the subjects of fatherhood and writing. Read Eric’s blog posts at Family Economics.


Melissa Hincha-Ownby from "Mutterings of a Mindless Mommy"
Melissa is the mother of two children with special needs and is passionate about all things green. She discovered her love of eco-friendly products when her oldest child was an infant. What started out as a “search for a more baby and earth-friendly shampoo” turned into a lifestyle switch for her entire family. Melissa blogs about her family's going green journey at "Mutterings of a Mindless Mommy"  and covers green business topics for the Mother Nature Network. Melissa, her husband, David, and her two children, Alexander and Ava, reside in Chandler, Arizona. Read Melissa's blog posts at Green Choices.

Tori TateTori Tait from “Thoughtfully Simple”
Tori has a demanding career in social media, and a busy family that she adores – which leaves less time than she'd like to do what she really enjoys: entertain. She started her blog as a way to share her entertaining ideas with her friends and family. In 2007, she started, “Thoughtfully Simple,” and shares creative ideas, tips, and resources to throwing successful parties attendees will never forget. Her trick to doing it all? Focus on a few thoughtful details and keep the rest simple. Read Tori’s blog posts at Family Economics.

Angie RamirezAngie Ramirez from "Little Inspiration"
Angie is a mom of a two living in Sunny Southern Cali. She is a self-proclaimed craftaholic, lover of black & white stripes and children's fashion. Angie shares easy craft projects, crafty food recipes, motherhood stories and mom-approved reviews.  Read Angie’s blog posts at  Family Economics.

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