The Family Home Blog

We Believe in Dialogue

Even when we don't agree, we can all benefit from exploring new ideas together.

At SC Johnson, we believe that open dialogue can lead to great ideas, innovative solutions and new levels of understanding. That's why we have long offered a blog here on our website, and also supported areas for idea exchange on other sites such as Mother Nature Network and Guardian Sustainable Business.

The content of the blog posts on our site, as well as articles published on the media sites we support, is the sole responsibility of its author. We do not endorse it, nor do we have editorial control about content published on sites we don't own. In fact, we might sometimes disagree with it! But that's okay.

By facilitating dialogue and encouraging thoughtful, constructive debate, we believe we're helping contribute to greater understanding about issues that matter to us and for generations to come. And that’s good for everyone.

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