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What makes working at SC Johnson different from working for other companies?
SC Johnson is a family company, which means that there is more of a focus on the long term than at public companies that must put more emphasis on shorter term financial measures. This allows us to focus significant effort and resources behind initiatives to ensure that:

  • Our workplace environment is one of the best in the country.
  • Our products are of highest quality and innovation.
  • Communities in which we operate are better off because SC Johnson is there.
  • We do what’s right for the environment and for future generations.

What are the key opportunities for college grads and MBAs?

There are positions for new MBAs in Marketing and Finance; undergraduates in Finance; chemical engineering students in Manufacturing; and science graduates, from BS to the PhD level, in RD&E.

What are the key opportunities for experienced hires?

The opportunities for experienced hires span the enterprise and the globe. Because we invest so much in our people, we aim to promote from within the organization, but occasionally we'll need to fill gaps with outside hires. These openings can be at the middle or senior levels of any part of the company.

What type of compensation package do you offer?

Our generous compensation package includes competitive base salary, profit sharing based on the success of the business, comprehensive benefits and - for those at mid to higher level management positions - discretionary bonuses.

How long do most people stay with SC Johnson?

The average tenure at our company is more than 15 years. We strive to create a work environment at SC Johnson that balances experience with a steady influx of new employees with innovative ideas. Some employees have been at SC Johnson for over 30 years, however each year we bring in a class of dynamic new hires and they tend to stay at SC Johnson for a long time because this is a special place.

What skills do job seekers need to be successful at the work and at the firm?

We value employees with a diversity of ideas, styles and backgrounds at SC Johnson. All of our successful employees share some common traits:

  • Leadership
  • High initiative 
  • Analytical ability 
  • Teamwork skills 
  • Creativity and innovation

What is the likelihood of working internationally during my career?

Since SC Johnson is an international company there is an opportunity to build a career overseas. Generally, these positions are for Marketing, Finance or general management. A U.S. citizen will need to work at SC Johnson in the United States for a few years before being considered for an overseas assignment.

How does the recruiting process work?

We have established relationships with a select group of schools including

  • University of Wisconsin - Madison 
  • Cornell University 
  • University of Michigan 
  • Northwestern University/Kellogg
  • University of Chicago
  • Michigan State University
  • Michigan Tech
  • Rochester Institute of Technology

We recruit on-campus, inviting selected candidates to Racine for further interviews. We also offer on-campus receptions, presentations, and interviewing workshops — all of which helps us meet students while increasing our name recognition on campus.

In addition, we welcome students from other schools to inquire about our opportunities as well. If we don't actively recruit at your school and you have an interest in SC Johnson, click on the link at right and submit your resume for consideration.

We also recruit at the following conferences:

  • National Black MBA Association
  • Reaching Out MBA
  • The Consortium

How do SC Johnson’s intern programs work?

They’re a key part of our recruiting strategy. Every summer, we hire students as interns from select schools, giving them a valuable experience at SC Johnson and giving us a chance to see how they work. Based on what we learn, we make offers to interns upon their graduation.

What can job seekers expect in their interviews?

We take the approach that past experiences and accomplishments are good predictors of future performance. Our interviews focus on the candidate's accomplishments, leadership and actions that they have taken to make an impact, rather than on hypothetical situations.

What is the biggest mistake a candidate can make during an interview?

We’re a straightforward, honest kind of place, and we like straightforward, honest people. Integrity is one of our greatest values at SC Johnson. So, not being honest would be a mistake.

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