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I want to be able to have a career where I can be instrumental in the decision making process and not just a "number cruncher." Will SC Johnson provide an opportunity for me to do this?
Absolutely! In fact, we take great pride in having developed an organizational structure where our Finance and Accounting employees are a strategic business partner with all functional groups within the organization. How do we do that? In most cases, our Finance and Accounting employees are working side-by-side with cross-functional groups such as Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing and RD&E on a daily basis. As a result, our business partners depend on their Finance/Accounting personnel to provide guidance and leadership on making smart decisions that are in the best interest for the long term health of the organization.

I noticed you talked about rotating through various areas in order to gain a broad range of experiences early in your career. How long do employees typically spend in each role?
While there is no magic number for how long you stay in each job, typically employees will rotate positions every two to three years. We feel that the first year in your position provides an opportunity for you to fully learn the business and by the second and third year you will have the skills to make a lasting impact on the group.

What does a typical career path look like?
At SC Johnson, you have the ability to shape your career rather than have a predetermined path chosen for you. Keeping in mind that no two careers are exactly the same, here are some examples of career paths that some of our current employees are on:

  • Direct hire from undergraduate program

Direct Hire from Undergrad Program

  • Direct hire from MBA program

Direct Hire from MBA Program

  • Experienced hire

Experienced Hire Career Path


I'm interested in your internship program. When someone is selected for the program, how do you determine the assignment they are given?
The first thing we do is develop a list of projects for interns to work on. None of the projects are the same from year-to-year because projects are developed to tackle current business needs. Once the project list is in place, intern candidates have an opportunity to review the projects and rate their top choices. We then assign a project to you based on a combination of your desires, skills and fit within the organization.

Featured Employee

Sharon Supply Chain Planning Manager

“My family and I are enjoying our first international assignment! It has been a great experience that we will forever appreciate.” Get to know Sharon

Paul Team Lead Specialist

"I have over 100 Hawaiian shirts in my wardrobe which I wear to work on a daily basis." Get to know Paul.

Patrice Sales General Manager

"I’m most proud of being part of the management team that initially developed the company’s Consumer Insights and Category Management expertise, back when these were brand new concepts in our industry." Get to know Patrice.

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