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Manufacturing, Customer Service & Logistics

It’s not enough to have great products. To win in our industry you also have to be the best at making them and getting them on shelves around the world. That’s where Manufacturing, Customer Service and Logistics comes in, and it brings great career opportunities.

Our world-class team of engineering experts works with leading-edge technology to make and deliver our leading brands, including Glade®, Pledge®, OFF!®, Raid® and more.

And our commitment to continuous improvement means we’re always looking for fresh ideas to meet customer needs. If you're looking for challenging assignments that demand creative approaches, SC Johnson is the place for you.

What’s Special about Manufacturing, Customer Service and Logistics at SC Johnson?

First, it’s the innovative products. SC Johnson products are the leaders in many of our categories and are at home with families around the globe.

Second, it’s the opportunities. We offer excellent opportunities for newly graduated and experienced Industrial, Electrical, Chemical and Mechanical Engineers. Our new hires are immediately involved in project assignments with responsibility to design and develop new and improved systems that optimize productivity and efficiency utilizing state-of-the- art technologies and techniques.

Plus, you’d be joining a great company that does what’s right today and for tomorrow.

Development on the Job

SC Johnson engineers have outstanding opportunities for personal and career development. In addition to skill development programs, our leading-edge training programs ensure that our engineers remain current in applicable process technology. Learn more.

Engineers may choose to remain in their profession and progress upward through the technical career ladder. Or, pursue a cross-functional assignment in other technical areas. Or, you can aim for management opportunities in staff or line functions in either the United States or international operations.

Summer Intern Program

Each summer, SC Johnson hires engineering students from a variety of disciplines and universities. These students are assigned to specific organizational units and handle assignments closely related to their majors, allowing interns to apply theoretical principles learned in the classroom to the practical working environment.

Interns are assigned entire projects and major project elements which can be completed during the summer, giving students the opportunity to see the results of their work. Experienced engineers assist in project direction and are a communication and information source both inside and outside the company.

The Summer Intern Program is one of SC Johnson's methods for recruiting and hiring new engineering graduates.

The best people of all backgrounds, doing their best work, supported by a culture of inclusion and fairness, to drive innovation, quality, and results.

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