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RD&E Internship FAQs

What will I earn?

  • Starting salaries are very competitive and are based on your degree level.

What will I receive in the form of reimbursements?

  • You will be reimbursed for expenses related to your initial trip from school to Racine or Bay City, and then your return trip back to school at the conclusion of your internship. The exclusion to this would be the shipment of any household goods, since we do provide fully-furnished apartments.

Does SC Johnson provide housing assistance?

  • Yes, we provide housing assistance to students at a subsidized rate, and the apartments are located in Milwaukee, WI.
  • All apartments are fully-furnished and include basic utilities, cable, and a parking spot.

What's available to help me feel "at home" at SC Johnson?

  • There are numerous social, networking, and community service events scheduled throughout your internship so that you can become more engaged with SCJ and the community. There will also be a few all-intern events, so that you can meet and network with interns in functions outside of RD&E.
  • Throughout your internship, you will have 4 levels of support: HR, a Manager, a Technical Mentor, and a Peer Mentor.  All of these individuals are available to help get you acclimated, and to provide you with all of the tools you need to have a successful, and rewarding internship experience.

How will I know how I'm doing?

  • At the beginning of your internship, you will set goals/objectives and a project(s) timeline that you can use throughout your internship to ensure you are on track, and completing your goals/objectives.  
  • Throughout the internship, you will have weekly to bi-weekly touch points with your manager, where you will have the opportunity to update them on your projects, and also to ask for feedback on your performance. In addition, you will have touch points with HR throughout the internship to provide feedback, and also request feedback as well.
  • At the end of your internship, you will go through a performance review with your manager, where you will be rated against the goals/objectives you set with your manager on Day 1.
  • All interns are required to present their projects at the end of the internship at our Poster Fair. This is a time for you to engage with executive leaders, and the broader RD&E population, and discuss what you’ve accomplished during your internship.

What other information should I be aware of as a Co-op or Intern Student?

  • You are eligible for all company holidays that fall during your work period but are not eligible for vacation. (Special requests should be directed to your manager and HR)
  • Summer interns are eligible to participate in the Summer Hours program.
  • You will be required to sign a Secrecy agreement, before you begin working on your project(s).

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