How to Attract Birds to Your Yard
Mar 28, 2017

With summer in full swing, wildlife is incredibly abundant in most areas. Bird watching can be a great way to pass the time on a lazy summer morning. It’s also ... Read More

How to Have an Eco Friendly Beach Vacation
Mar 28, 2017

Summer is in full swing and beach vacations can provide an immense amount of enjoyment. Whether you enjoy soaking up the sun, playing in the sand or diving into ... Read More

5 Eco-Friendly Habits for Fall
Oct 19, 2016

I love the change of seasons. There is something to savor about each season, but fall is one of my favorite times of year with the crisp weather and natural bea ... Read More

Eco-Friendly Service Projects for Kids
Sep 28, 2016

As parents, we have a lot of responsibilities towards our children. Making sure that they are fed, clothed and educated can be a time-consuming process on its o ... Read More

9 Creative Uses for Soap
Aug 29, 2016

Shopping on a budget usually requires that you buy only what’s on the grocery list. I love deals though, and sometimes you come across a sale item that is just ... Read More

5 Time-Saving Tips for Back-to-School
Aug 26, 2016

August is back-to-school season for millions of children across the nation. Gone are the slow-paced, relaxing days of summer; instead, hectic mornings and busy ... Read More

Helpful Tips for your Fall Garden
Aug 24, 2016

Summer is beginning to wind down and with it go the fruits and vegetables that love loads of heat and sun. Tomatoes, hot peppers and cucumbers are always abunda ... Read More

Second Hand Shopping is a Green Choice
Aug 17, 2016

Did you know that August 17th is National Thrift Shop Day? Well, it is! This is a great time to celebrate thrift stores everywhere by doing some second-hand gre ... Read More

Eco-friendly Habits For Kids
Aug 04, 2016

The most powerful eco-friendly changes that we can make are often small habits. Because they are everyday actions, they really add up over time. If you teach ch ... Read More

Homemade Sculpting Putty
Jul 26, 2016

Most children have an abundance of free time during the summer months. Nice days offer kids plenty of time to go outside and play, but heat and rain can have th ... Read More

7 Ways To Save Fuel
Jul 07, 2016

Saving fuel is a great way to conserve both the environment and your money. Using less fuel can reduce the environmental stress of fuel discovery and extraction ... Read More

Green Family Activities for Summer
Jul 05, 2016

With fewer commitments and more daylight hours, summer is the perfect time for family fun. The stress of the school year has fallen away and more people are tak ... Read More

Eco 4th of July Craft
Jun 30, 2016

This fun, eco-friendly 4th of July craft is great because the kids get to make their own paper rockets that they will have a blast playing with. You just need a ... Read More

DIY Upcycled Hanging Plant Holders
Jun 24, 2016

I love to get outside and enjoy my deck in the summer. I also enjoy sprucing it up with fun and unique projects that I can do with my family. These fun DIY hang ... Read More

Green Father's Day Gift Ideas
Jun 13, 2016

Fathers do so much to hold families together and their strong pillar of support should not go unnoticed. Father's Day is a wonderful occasion to show how thankf ... Read More

Meatless Monday: Spicy Thai Noodle Bowls
Jun 06, 2016

Pasta is a fairly common meal in most households, however it doesn't always need to be topped with a red sauce and served with meatballs. In fact, pasta is one ... Read More

Leaf Printing Nature Craft
May 25, 2016

This leaf printing nature craft is fun for adults and children alike. It can be done with preschoolers, or can be refined to make classy wall art for adults and ... Read More

DIY Wizard Wands
May 18, 2016

This DIY wizard wand activity is a fun nature craft to do with the kids. I was given the idea last summer after a trip to an amusement park where my kids droole ... Read More

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Barbeque Season
May 16, 2016

When thinking about summer, one of the most enjoyable pastimes is spending time outdoors with friends and family cooking around the barbeque. What’s better than ... Read More

Staying Cool with a Smaller Carbon Footprint
May 04, 2016

Summer is a wonderful time of year, unless you count the oppressive heat! Mornings may start out cool, but by the time midafternoon rolls around most people are ... Read More

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