GreenGram #199: On the Importance of Recycling Electronics
Jun 25, 2015

Experts estimate 50 million tons of e-waste are produced each year. Do you recycle?

Spice it Up: Crusted Cajun Chicken
Jun 25, 2015

If you are in a cooking rut and need a fun, new recipe for your dinner table, try this Crusted Cajun Chicken. This recipe incorporates one of my children’s favo ... Read More

Creative Ways to Reuse Small Mason Jars
Jun 24, 2015

Every week, millions of people take their recycling bin to the curb for pick-up, which is great because recycling can help reduce your carbon footprint and cut ... Read More

What Business History Milestones Matter Most to You?
Jun 23, 2015

Coming soon: the opening of the SC Johnson-sponsored “American Enterprise” exhibition at Smithsonian…

Creative Succulent Containers
Jun 23, 2015 | 1 Comment

Any room or space looks best when there is a bit of life growing in it, such as houseplants. For me, houseplants have been a challenge to keep fresh and alive b ... Read More

GreenGram #551: What's Your Best Source for Upcycle Ideas?
Jun 23, 2015

Upcycling can turn leftover materials into useful goods, and there are so many great ideas out there for upcycling projects!

Seasonal Recipe: Cantaloupe Ginger Sorbet
Jun 22, 2015

Summer is here which means that you can now find the freshest, ripest, and juiciest melons at your local grocery store or market. Cantaloupe, which is one of my ... Read More

Summer Travel: Best Packing Tips
Jun 19, 2015

When going on vacation, one of the most important preparation steps is packing. Many people have different theories on the best way to pack for a trip, but the ... Read More

Coconut and Lime Slushy
Jun 18, 2015

When the weather begins to warm up I love putting my blender to work by experimenting with new smoothie and slushy recipes. I have a couple go-to recipes (like ... Read More

GreenGram #270: Can You Solve This Brainteaser?
Jun 18, 2015

Here's another GreenGrams brainteaser to get you thinking. Can you figure it out?

Here's Just One Trait That Makes a Company Thrive
Jun 17, 2015

Coming soon: the opening of the SC Johnson-sponsored “American Enterprise” exhibition at Smithsonian…

Recycled Craft: Milk Jug Lion
Jun 17, 2015

My kids love to make crafts and I love to recycle so as you can probably imagine, we do a lot of recycled crafts. I often think of the items in my recycling bin ... Read More

Father's Day Dessert: Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream
Jun 16, 2015

Treat dad with something sweet this Father’s Day and serve this Peanut Butter Cup Ice cream. This recipe is so easy with only 10 minutes of preparation time, an ... Read More

Meatless Monday: Sweet Potato Nachos
Jun 15, 2015

When most people think about the word 'dinner' they envision a plate with some type of meat, potatoes and vegetables. Every now and then a casserole or slice of ... Read More

GreenGram #352: The Beauty of Turning Trash into Treasures
Jun 15, 2015

There are many ways to upcycle, reuse and recycle. What are your best tips?

Weeknight Favorites: Stuffed Shells with Kale
Jun 12, 2015

Make restaurant-style stuffed shells at home with this recipe twist for Stuffed Shells with Kale. This healthy comfort food recipe is one of my three kids’ favo ... Read More

Three Pinterest Boards to Follow for Summertime Inspiration
Jun 11, 2015

If you’re a Pinterest user, you already know that there is endless inspiration, ideas, crafts, and recipes to save and try for later. One way I like to use Pint ... Read More

GreenGram #475: Do You Skip Straws to Avoid Waste?
Jun 11, 2015

Minimizing waste that ends up in landfills is important. What are you doing to help?

Five Benefits of Taking Your Dog to Work
Jun 10, 2015

June 26 is ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’. If you’ve never thought about taking your favorite four-legged friend to work with you, you may be wondering why there i ... Read More

GreenGram #5: Do You See Nature and Its Value?
Jun 09, 2015

When was the last time you stopped to smell (and protect!) the flowers?

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