DIY Treat Wrappers
May 15, 2015

Give your co-workers, loved ones and friends a thoughtful surprise and brighten up their day with these treat tissue wrappers. You can easily add a bright pop o ... Read More

Lighten Up: Portobello Tacos
May 14, 2015

My kids didn’t always eat mushrooms, but they do now. Mushrooms are a great substitute for beef and they bring important nutrients like vitamin D & B, potas ... Read More

Upcycle These Household Items in your Garden
May 13, 2015

Gardening is a lot of fun and a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. It’s a great outdoor hobby that gives us a way to get some exercise and provides us w ... Read More

Berry Topped Toast Recipe
May 12, 2015

Looking for a special breakfast treat? This berry topped toast is your ticket. The combination of warm toast, fresh fruit, and just a few pieces of chocolate fe ... Read More

GreenGram #704: Are You Biking to Work this Week?
May 12, 2015

It's National Bike Month and this is Bike to Work Week. Need some info to help you get started? Check out the resources and tips here and here. Follow us on Tw ... Read More

Meatless Monday: Greek Pasta Salad
May 11, 2015

The spring and summer seasons always make me yearn for pasta salads! There are infinite ways you can prepare pasta salads − so you can always serve up something ... Read More

How to Save Money on Contacts and Glasses
May 08, 2015

Both of my children have worn glasses since they were five years old. After their last eye exam, they both asked if they were old enough to wear contacts. The p ... Read More

GreenGram #462: Use Appliances Efficiently to Save Energy
May 08, 2015

It's not enough to simply have energy efficient appliances. They need to be used efficiently too!

Mother's Day Treat: Banana-Dark Chocolate Chip Muffins
May 07, 2015

This Mother’s Day, give your loved ones a healthy, sweet breakfast treat and make these banana infused, dark chocolate chip muffins! What’s great about these, b ... Read More

Flower Card Craft
May 06, 2015

I love the changing of seasons and watching everything turn green and burst into full bloom right before my eyes. All the recent blossoms inspired me to make a ... Read More

GreenGram #891: Plug That Leak!
May 06, 2015

Don't leave that faucet dripping. Do you know the impact of leaving household leaks unrepaired?

DIY Cement Vases
May 05, 2015

After using cement for the first time last month and I knew right away that I’d be making these DIY vases from concrete mix in the near future. The bonus is tha ... Read More

No-Bake Dark Chocolate and Coconut Shortbread Cookies
May 04, 2015

My favorite dessert recipes are the easy ones. I often take the semi-homemade route when creating desserts for my family. It saves me time and (usually) a messy ... Read More

GreenGram #281: The Sky's the Limit!
May 01, 2015

Have you thought about all the amazing ways you could reuse materials rather than tossing them? Your kids have!

DIY Recycled Pencil Holder for National Teacher's Day
May 01, 2015

National Teacher’s Day is Tuesday, May 5, 2015 and while many families opt for gift cards or extra school supplies, some families choose homemade gifts instead. ... Read More

DIY Sunflower Crowns
Apr 29, 2015

With spring season here and warm weather starting to resurface (at least in some places!) it seems like wildflower sunflowers have sprung up everywhere near our ... Read More

GreenGram #824: What Do You Know about Recycling?
Apr 28, 2015

Do you know which of these items can be recycled indefinitely? More important, do you recycle ALL of them?

Easy Dinner: Vegetable Kabobs with Homemade Ranch Dressing
Apr 28, 2015

Are you trying to get your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables? Well you’re in luck because these Vegetable Kabobs with Homemade Ranch Dressing have been a w ... Read More

10 Tips for Reducing Waste While On Vacation
Apr 27, 2015

Going on vacation doesn’t mean that you have to leave your commitment to waste reduction behind. Even though you’re out of town and in a different environment, ... Read More

5 Fruits to Plant in Your Garden
Apr 24, 2015

I love eating fresh fruits and vegetables especially during the spring and summertime when they are in season. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of picking an app ... Read More

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