Spring Side: Roasted Carrots
Apr 23, 2015

Carrots are widely found year-round, but this recipe for Roasted Carrots with Basil is ideal for the spring season. With only six ingredients, it’s so simple an ... Read More

Refreshing Spring Fruit and Veggie Smoothie
Apr 22, 2015

Spring is upon us once again which means my favorite fruits are in season again. I love saving money by shopping for in-season fruits and vegetables. Depending ... Read More

GreenGram #857: Solve This Brainteaser for an Energy-Saving Tip
Apr 22, 2015

Can you figure out this GreenGrams brainteaser about one way to avoid wasting energy?

Orange Scones with Glaze
Apr 21, 2015

I had never made scones before and was pleasantly surprised by how simple it was. I researched a few recipes and then made my own adaptations because I had a vi ... Read More

Creative Uses for Old Cookie Sheets
Apr 20, 2015

Most people who enjoy baking and cooking, even if it’s every once in a while, have at least one cookie sheet in their cabinet. If you’re like me and have a pass ... Read More

Fun Earth Day Activities for Kids
Apr 17, 2015

Earth Day comes along every April as a reminder to all of us that we need to tread lightly on our planet. Our children will one day be the caretakers of our Ear ... Read More

GreenGram #639: You Know the Right Choice...Right?
Apr 16, 2015

Landfill versus recycling...which one do you choose?

Spring Appetizer: Marinated Mozzarella
Apr 16, 2015

Spring is finally here, and I am ready to entertain with easy-to-make recipes using freshly grown produce and spices. This recipe for Marinated Mozzarella works ... Read More

Partnering to Make Progress on Malaria
Apr 15, 2015 | 1 Comment

The Ministry of Health is one of many partners in the global public health channels that we partner with to ensure we achieve our ongoing goal of malaria eradic ... Read More

Spring Salsa Recipe
Apr 15, 2015

With spring season around the corner, there is a lot of fresh produce that is starting to come into season. Eating seasonal foods is a great way to get fresh wh ... Read More

Cantaloupe, Prosciutto, Basil and Mozzarella Salad
Apr 14, 2015

I created this salad almost by accident, but boy did it end up being a hit! I had made some appetizers using cantaloupe and Prosciutto over the weekend and had ... Read More

Best Herbs for a Backyard Herb Garden
Apr 13, 2015

Backyard herb gardens are a great way to not only save money (that would normally be spent at the grocery store), but also add a great boost of flavor to all of ... Read More

GreenGram #515: How Do You Make Every Material Matter?
Apr 11, 2015

We love this quote about getting the most of of everything and avoiding waste.

Eco-Friendly Spring Craft for Kids: Paper Tube Flowers
Apr 10, 2015

Two of my favorite things about the spring season are the blooming, beautiful flowers and the warmth of the beaming sunshine! That’s what inspired me to create ... Read More

Quinoa Tabbouleh Wraps
Apr 09, 2015

Who doesn’t love a great sandwich? What used to be just a kid’s lunch staple, now has taken on a new role in gourmet dinner fare. Innovative chefs and home cook ... Read More

DIY Craft: Clay Bowls
Apr 08, 2015 | 4 Comments

Making your own clay bowls is so much easier than you might think. With a little supervision, even my four-year-old was able to jump in and help mold and decora ... Read More

GreenGram #207: Choices Matter. Do You Pick Reuse?
Apr 08, 2015

Our GreenGrams offer tips, ideas and inspiration for green choices your family can make.

Sunrise Smoothie Recipe and Tips
Apr 07, 2015

I’m a big fan of smoothies. Typically I have them for a mid-afternoon pick me up, but they really are perfect for any time of the day. I will whip one up in the ... Read More

Meatless Monday: Italian Tortellini Soup
Apr 06, 2015

Finding meatless, one pot meals that my family really enjoys is sometimes challenging. Soup is always one of our favorite dishes to defer to, even as the weathe ... Read More

DIY Cake Topper for Spring
Apr 03, 2015

I’m a big believer that you don’t have to make everything from scratch to make it special. I always look for special touches I can add to recipes and desserts t ... Read More

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