Meatless Monday Butternut Squash "Noodles"
Sep 19, 2016

This yummy Meatless Monday recipe is perfect for the fall and very easy to make. Veggie "noodles" are a popular choice as they can make comfort food a bit light ... Read More

DIY Ice Cream Cone Wrappers
Sep 16, 2016

We really enjoy ice cream around my house and I’m always looking for new ways to serve up this classic dessert. We’ve done sundaes, milkshakes, ice cream sandwi ... Read More

Fall Upcycled Vase
Sep 14, 2016

This is a very simple upcycled craft that is perfect for making your own fall decor with things you already have around the house. You can turn an old glass con ... Read More

Back to School Weeknight Dinner
Sep 12, 2016

Hard to believe, but school has already started here in the south. Our lives are in full swing now with back-to-school preparations, work, after-school activiti ... Read More

4 Apps to Help Secure Your Teen’s Smartphone
Sep 09, 2016

Smartphones can be a useful tool for teens; communicating with friends, checking school grades, finding the results of sports matches and even accessing online ... Read More

Eco-Friendly Tips for Fall Camping
Sep 07, 2016

The days may still be hot, but summer is quickly coming to a close. As we move into September, the days will get cooler and the leaves will start to change colo ... Read More

Ways to Let Nature Inspire Your Artwork!
Sep 02, 2016

A nature walk with children is a great way to get exercise and teach them to appreciate the natural world. It also provides an opportunity for them to learn the ... Read More

Eco-friendly Flag Craft
Aug 31, 2016

This eco-friendly flag craft is a fun activity for kids and it makes a great decoration for Labor Day. You should have everything you need for this craft at hom ... Read More

9 Creative Uses for Soap
Aug 29, 2016

Shopping on a budget usually requires that you buy only what’s on the grocery list. I love deals though, and sometimes you come across a sale item that is just ... Read More

5 Time-Saving Tips for Back-to-School
Aug 26, 2016

August is back-to-school season for millions of children across the nation. Gone are the slow-paced, relaxing days of summer; instead, hectic mornings and busy ... Read More

Helpful Tips for your Fall Garden
Aug 24, 2016

Summer is beginning to wind down and with it go the fruits and vegetables that love loads of heat and sun. Tomatoes, hot peppers and cucumbers are always abunda ... Read More

Upcycled Craft: DVD Mosaic DIY Paper Clip Holder
Aug 22, 2016

I came up with this fun little upcycled craft because my daughter loves shiny things and I thought it would make a cute addition to her desk. I don’t know about ... Read More

Delicious Arugula-Infused Oil
Aug 19, 2016

We often hear of herb-infused oils, but this recipe for arugula oil is my new favorite summer oil blend. You can use this oil as a salad dressing—tossed with ba ... Read More

Second Hand Shopping is a Green Choice
Aug 17, 2016

Did you know that August 17th is National Thrift Shop Day? Well, it is! This is a great time to celebrate thrift stores everywhere by doing some second-hand gre ... Read More

4 Ways to Enjoy Watermelon This Summer
Aug 15, 2016

Summer is the season of backyard grilling and leisurely picnics. It’s also the perfect time to serve up a summer staple - watermelon! In my house, it’s a given ... Read More

Creative Ways to Serve Breakfast
Aug 12, 2016

Weekend breakfasts are one of my favorite meals to whip up and spend quality time with friends and family. Rather than spend the morning cooking, I like to come ... Read More

Summer Salad
Aug 10, 2016

August is prime time for ripe summer tomatoes as well as succulent, sweet, juicy watermelon. If you have never tried combining these two seasonal favorites, now ... Read More

Eco-friendly Habits For Kids
Aug 04, 2016

The most powerful eco-friendly changes that we can make are often small habits. Because they are everyday actions, they really add up over time. If you teach ch ... Read More

Tips for Easier Packing
Aug 02, 2016

I love to travel and my family is fortunate to get out of town several times a year. Over the years, I’ve learned what does and doesn’t work for my family. Now ... Read More

5 Eco-Friendly Back To School Classroom Gifts
Jul 28, 2016

As children across the country begin to go back to school, parents are out buying back to school supplies and school clothing. There is always a flurry of activ ... Read More

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