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Fall Upcycled Vase

Sep 14, 2016
Scarlet Paolicchi

This is a very simple upcycled craft that is perfect for making your own fall decor with things you already have around the house. You can turn an old glass container into a cute vase and fill it with seasonal flowers or tree clippings to bring a little of the outside indoors.  

DIY Vase covered in burlap and ribbons

I began this upcycled craft by going to my craft drawer and looking for things to reuse. I found a burlap bag and some old ribbon I had saved from a gift, which I thought would be perfect for giving the vase a fun new look.


  • Glass container (such as an old, boring vase)
  • Burlap or fabric
  • Ribbon
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Glue or needle and thread (optional)

scissors ribbon glass vase burlap


Begin by cleaning out your glass container.

Next, use the measuring tape to measure the width of your container.

Then, measure how high you would like the burlap fabric to go on your glass container. You can completely cover it or let a little glass show at the top.

Trace a rectangle on the fabric using your measurements. Add a half inch to the width to ensure the fabric goes all the way around, and cut.

If you want to give the burlap fabric a frayed look, pull a few of the threads away from the top layer.

burlap being cut

Cut your ribbon by adding 8-10 inches to the width of your vase.

If you used a short container like I did, you will likely be able to use the ribbon to secure the fabric in place with a simple bow. If your vase is taller, you may need to use a bit of glue where the fabric overlaps around the jar.  Alternatively, you could use a needle and thread to add a couple stitches to secure the overlap.

Now your upcycled vase is ready for a few seasonal flowers from your yard. I used the purple flowers and greenery from my liriope plants, along with a late-blooming hydrangea. You could also use herbs from your container garden or sprigs of leaves from your trees.

I hope you enjoy this fun upcycled project. Do you think you’ll make an upcycled vase? Let us know how it comes out in the comments.

What other fall upcycled crafts do you enjoy doing?

Photo courtesy of Scarlet Paolicchi.

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