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Decorate With Quotes

Feb 08, 2018

If you’re looking for ways to add a little personal décor to your space, consider using phrases or quotes. If you’ve ever browsed Pinterest, you’ve likely seen many inspirational quotes or catchy phrases used as artwork. This is really a great way to add personality to your space for very little cost.

Perhaps the easiest way to decorate with quotes is to simply print and frame it. You can then display your quote anywhere you’d like–on the mantle, on a wall in the bathroom or on your desk. A framed quote would even add a nice touch to an office or dorm (or given as a gift). I also love that it’s easy to update and change when your personal style changes or you have a new favorite inspirational quote you’d like to display. Here are some tips when decorating with quotes.

Quote Art Enjoy the Small Things

Want to print this quote out? Click here for a free download.

Finding The Quote

You can find a wide variety of free quotes online that are designed beautifully and offered for free to print at home (searching “printable quotes” on Pinterest will turn up many results). You can also design your own using a simple word processor on your home computer. You might already have a favorite saying or phrase in mind, so turning that into décor can be extra meaningful. Words of wisdom from Grandma? Funny sayings from Dad? Think outside of the box when coming up with your quote to add a little personality to your space.

Printing and Framing 

It Perhaps the easiest way to decorate with quotes is to simply print and frame it. Printing from your home computer will be a quick and inexpensive option. The largest you’ll be able to print would fit into an 8x10 frame. If you’re looking for a larger print to frame, you’ll need to save your file to a thumb drive or upload it to a copy and print service. For larger prints, your local print and copy store can be a great resource. Choosing a large black and white print (sometimes called engineering prints) can make a great “wow” factor for very little cost. Then you’ll just need to find the right frame to display it. 

Gifting It

A framed quote can be such a thoughtful gift. A token of appreciate for a teacher’s desk, a supportive message to someone going through a rough time, or a special thought sent to a long distance friend – printing a quote, framing it, and giving it as a gift can be a very meaningful way to show someone you care. 

Do you have a favorite quote you’d like to frame? Share it below!

Photo courtesy of Tori Tait.

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