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Making Recycling a Priority

We recycle and we want to encourage consumers to recycle, too.

The SC Johnson Green Choices Recycling Challenge

In 2012, we partnered with Recyclebank® on a recycling challenge involving 50 communities that competed for the highest recycling participation rate during a six-month competition. The winning community received a $100,000 grant from SC Johnson.

Recycling Challenge logoThe 50 communities in the SC Johnson Green Choices Recycling Challenge joined more than 300 communities across the U.S. and the U.K. that already have Recyclebank® programs to help increase recycling rates. In addition to significant environmental benefits, increased recycling also has a positive impact on municipal finances through disposal cost savings and revenues from the sale of recyclables.

Plus, along with increasing consumers’ recycling, the program will also contribute to SC Johnson’s goal of becoming landfill neutral by 2016. Through operational commitments as well as with the help of Recyclebank® and communities across the country, we’re working to eliminate or divert more than 480 million pounds of waste from U.S. landfills, which is equivalent to more than our U.S. waste footprint. (We consider our waste footprint to be all our U.S. manufacturing, office and consumer packaging waste and shipping materials.)

Ziploc® Brand Brings Plastic Recycling Home

We introduced another partnership with Recyclebank® in 2011. Beginning with Corpus Christi, Texas, the Ziploc® Brand has sponsored the expansion of the Recyclebank® rewards-for-recycling platform into new U.S. communities.

Ziploc packagingThe goal is to encourage recycling in enough communities to keep out of landfills approximately the same amount of other potential waste, by weight, that could be generated by the Ziploc® Brand.

This is part of a larger recycling program and builds on ongoing brand efforts to lessen our environmental footprint. Another example is a program that enables consumers to recycle clean and dry Ziploc® Brand sandwich, storage and freezer bags at any of the approximately 18,000 retail locations that accept plastic shopping bags for recycling.

Recycling at Our Facilities

Recycling is a priority at our operations, too. For example, our largest manufacturing facility, called Waxdale, recycled 8.6 million pounds of waste in 2012, including used oil, light bulbs, batteries, even used kitchen grease.

Recycling at WaxdaleAlong with ensuring that discarded products, raw materials and other manufacturing wastes are managed properly, Waxdale’s Environmental Operations team also focuses on building awareness. Team lead Tracy explains, “One of the more innovative salvage operations is what we call dumpster diving. We’ll pick a dumpster at random, go through everything inside and if we find recyclables, we’ll trace the waste back to the department it came from and do more training on recycling.”

Every year, millions of plastic trigger bottles end up in landfills. Concentrated refills use less packaging, decrease shipping impacts and reduce waste. Small green choices can make a big difference.

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