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Protecting Families

Half a billion people are affected each year by insect-borne diseases like malaria and dengue. So, at SC Johnson we're continually making our pest control products work better, and working to help teach families how to protect themselves from insects.

Products that Protect

SC Johnson pest control brandsSC Johnson's insect control innovations do more than merely reduce a nuisance. We're continuously improving performance to repel mosquitoes longer, kill cockroaches and other pests faster, and help deter insects that may carry diseases.

We're also working to bring the best value possible at a price that's more affordable for those who need it.

We operate the world’s largest private, urban entomology research center. Our experts work there every day to develop pest control products that are highly effective, easier to use and more affordable for more people.

Investing in Malaria Prevention

While the World Health organization (WHO) reports that malaria-related deaths were down by more than 20 percent from 2000 to 2009, there is still much work to be done. 

So, we’re collaborating with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in the fight against malaria, by sponsoring two current projects: 

•    A study to determine the effects of spatial (not applied to skin) repellents in fighting malaria-infected mosquitoes in Sumba, Indonesia. 

•    A project in rural Ghana in which bulk SC Johnson products, including Raid® insecticide and OFF!® personal repellent, are provided as part of a club membership for homemakers. Learn more.

These studies build on the work SC Johnson has done in recent years to help build awareness of the dangers of malaria and to help protect against it.

A History of Building Awareness

Prior educational efforts include the Healthy Children, Healthy Homes™ program in South Africa, which SC Johnson sponsored for three years and which ultimately reached more than a million people in Malaria prevention programareas with endemic malaria, providing helpful information about avoiding malaria. This program has transitioned to local health authorities, using training materials that SC Johnson helped develop.

We also have previously supported tests of malaria prevention techniques. Starting in 2003, SC Johnson funded a test in which portable mosquito traps were used while a local medical clinic collected data on malaria incidence in Ghana. While the total incidence of malaria in the unprotected areas rose, the trap test area didn't see a corresponding increase. In fact, analysis showed that from 2002 to 2007, about 6,000 malaria cases were prevented in the protected area. This project has since also transitioned to community-management.

Educating about Dengue

For nearly a decade, SC Johnson has tackled the public health threat of dengue with innovative programs that include educational materials, repellent sampling and spraying in areas experiencing outbreaks. Over time, these programs – sponsored by the Raid®, OFF!® and Baygon® brands in different countries – have become both public health programs and an important way of building brand awareness with the people who need our products.

For example, for more than a decade, SC Johnson Philippines’ IWAS Dengue program has reached about 100,000 families annually with dengue-prevention information, free spraying in outbreak areas and insect repellent sampling. In recent years it has expanded to provide educational programs in schools.

Dengue prevention programBuilding on this great model, SC Johnson created an insect-borne disease education toolkit. The wide array of materials makes it easy for our subsidiary companies to conduct disease prevention programs quickly and effectively.

The toolkit includes materials and guidelines for product sampling; school education programs with lectures, contests, entertainment and product sampling; village events and public health programs that include house-to-house spraying during outbreaks and toll-free information hotlines. It is now in use in countries including Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Venezuela and other areas across Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Find out how our many decades of philanthropy make a difference for families.

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