Supplier Code of Conduct

How to Report a Concern

Talk with your SC Johnson contact. Or, if you wish to report a concern anonymously, you can call our Ethics and Compliance Hotline.

If you have a concern about an SC Johnson supplier relating to matters covered in the SC Johnson Supplier Code of Conduct, the best first step would be to talk with your SC Johnson contact.

However, if for any reason you would prefer to report your concern to SC Johnson anonymously, you can do so by calling our Ethics and Compliance Hotline. 

What to Report

The hotline is for reporting concerns about a SC Johnson suppliers regarding the SC Johnson Code of Conduct. The hotline is not intended for other business feedback.  

How Telephone Reporting Works

1. An English-speaking interview specialist will answer your call.  If applicable and available for your location, the interview specialist will give you the option to have the call in English or the local language and conference in an interpreter who speaks your language. The interviewer asks questions and documents the report. The call is not recorded and you do not have to give your name, though doing so may assist the investigation.

2. The interviewer gives you a report number to ensure confidentiality and may ask you to call back at a later time in case additional information is needed.

3. If you chose to provide your name and contact information, someone from SC Johnson may contact you directly.

4. If you chose to remain anonymous, you can call back at the scheduled time, with your report number, and may be asked additional questions.

Phone Numbers

  • For calls in the United States or Canada, you can reach the Ethics and Compliance Hotline at 877-883-6676.
  • For calls outside the United States or Canada, please click here to determine the country-specific number to dial.

Please note that the Ethics and Compliance Hotline is only for use reporting concerns related to the requirements and expectations described in the SC Johnson Supplier Code of Conduct. For any other communication, please use your regular means of contacting the company. The hotline is only for reporting Code-related issues.

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