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The Administration Building

The Administration Building


The SC Johnson Administration Building is celebrated as one of the top 25 buildings of the 20th century. From its 43 miles of Pyrex glass tubing to the dendriform columns soaring in the Great Workroom, it is truly a unique work of art that reflects that innovation and adventure that are still the spirit of SC Johnson today. 

Among the building's special features are the Great Workroom's more than one-half acre of open workspace and the "bird cage" circular elevators that run from the basement to the Penthouse level, giving a panoramic view of the building.

ColumnsThe glass tubing "windows" of the building were designed by Wright to refract light and cut glare. If laid end to end, the original Pyrex tubes would have extended more than 43 miles. 

Perhaps the most recognized feature of the Great Workroom is its columns. Wright called them "dendriform," meaning tree-shaped, but many also refer to them as lily pads because of the unique shape of their top supporting pads. The column tops are 18 1/2 feet in diameter and the bases are only 9 inches in diameter.

Wright designed more than 40 different pieces of furniture for the Administration Building, each created to reflect aspects of the building's overall design. The primary color used throughout the building is "Cherokee Red."

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