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Friday, June 18, 2010

Basic Supplies For Your Garden | Family Economics

By Marie

Whether you are a small space gardener or you have a large yard to plant, there are a few supplies to keep on hand for your garden. Here are some must have tools to help you stay organized as you weed, plant and water your garden beds...

Shovel: A basic shovel is necessary in any size garden. As there are many sizes and shapes of shovels, pick one that will help you with your specific gardening tasks.

Fork Tool: There are a lot of tools to help you get rid of your weeds, but you really only need a small fork-like tool. If you are willing and able to get on the ground, you don’t need a lot of fancy tools. You can get to the root of the weed to dig it out or pull it out with an inexpensive fork tool. If you weed your garden beds at least once a week, you should be able to keep them under control and will not have to weed as often.

Gloves: Buy a decent pair of gardening gloves to protect your hands as you garden. You can find some for very cheap that simply cover your hands. Or there are gloves with different textures, helping you with many gardening tasks. If you purchase the kind that have a little Velcro hook at the bottom, they will help prevent any dirt from falling in your gloves as you work.

Bucket: Have a small bucket nearby to gather your weeds for the trash or carry your plants and tools. It should be small enough to carry, as it can get heavy with a lot of items in it, and it should have some sort of handle for easy lifting.

Sunscreen: If you are going to be in your garden for more than a few minutes, apply sunscreen to your face, neck and arms. This will help you from getting sunburn and protect you from harmful UV rays as you are out working in the yard.

Watering Can: Purchase a watering can. You can simply use a large cup from your kitchen, but getting a watering can will cover a larger surface at one time. Store your watering can in your garage, shed, under the kitchen sink or simply leave it out next to your plants for easy access.

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On Wednesday, June 30, 2010, Cheryl and William from Collins, MS wrote

My wife Cheryl and I started our bucket garden in Collins, MS. After a late start or 6 weeks, we are already eating peppers and cucumbers with tomatoes that are about midway to picking. We used her fathers recipe to mix potting soil and mulch and fertilizer. This was our first year of gardening. We are very impressed that container gardening also means no weeding and no pests as long as you keep your buckets off the ground. The local duck population sweeps our yard for bugs every day. They do a great job. We have two mother ducks that are sitting on six to seven eggs each. They made their nests right next to our house so we make sure they have clean water each day. They help us with the bug population so we welcome their presence.


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