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Monday, July 26, 2010

Cleaning Out the Linen Closet - Just Do It | Family Economics

By Marie

Your linen closet can be deceiving! It might look all nice and clean with the towels folded, but little do you know that there are unwanted wash clothes hiding in places you didn’t know about. You might even find a few of those missing socks from the laundry hitching a ride with the sheets to the linen closet. Maybe even a few toys got stashed or a few pieces to that one puzzle are hidden in a corner. So it’s time to clean it all out.

It is best to take everything out and start from scratch, making sure you don’t miss any of those hidden towels or sheets. As you clear each shelf, it’s a good idea to start organizing your closet right from the get-go. As you are pulling items out, sheets, towels and pillowcases, put them into organized piles.

You can also create a pile with unwanted items, like towels that have so many holes in them they are only good for washing floors, not people. These items can be used for cleaning or if they are in good enough condition, you can donate them.

Once everything is in a pile, take a minute to give each shelf a quick wipe with a wash cloth or paper towel, just to pick up any dust bunnies that might have formed. Now is also a good time to vacuum the carpet at the bottom of the closet, a place that often gets forgotten.

Next, place everything back in your closet. You can also reorganize your shelves into a better system than you had before, placing the towels lower for children to reach or keep the sheets with the pillowcases. This will help keep you organized and ready for next time you need to get into your linen closet or put something back.

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On Wednesday, September 15, 2010, Bec from Portland wrote

I stuff all of the sheets into the corresponding pillowcase. (For double/queen sets I put all of the sheets and pillowcases into one pillowcase.) I also colour-coordinate the bed linen - DH and I have white; DD who is 3 has pink (her favorite color); the guest bed has tan. That way I know at a glance what sheets go with what bed and I just have to grab a pillowcase to have everything I need.

On Saturday, September 4, 2010, Ann from Tennessee wrote

One huge tip my mother taught me on how to tell at a glance the difference between a topsheet and a contour sheet is to fold them different. In stack #1,fold the topsheets of all the same size beds and stack them. Then in stack #2 ROLL the contour sheets and put them next to the topsheets. Pillow cases are to the side. I have always bought all white sheets over the years, so there is no need to worry about mix and match. But when you have King, Queen, Full and Twin , Just put a piece of masking tape at the end of the shelf with a K, Q, F, T to keep it straight.


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