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Friday, January 28, 2011

Stockpiling Tips Everyone Can Use | Family Economics

By Andrea

Our family of five spends around $75 per week on groceries, which includes food, health and beauty and paper products. I found a great way to save even more during my weekly shopping trips, check them out here: stockpile frequently used items.
Stockpiling is purchasing a large quantity of items at rock-bottom prices. This helps to ensure you have those items on hand since they are frequently used, or are easily donated. Stockpiling not only helps save money, but it also helps save time and gas which equals money too!

Determine your stockpile needs:
• As you begin to build your stockpile, you need to figure out the basics. In general, people need hygiene items of all kinds and those can take a lot out of the budget. Getting those items for free or greatly reduced can help quite a bit.

• For food items, think about what your meals have consisted of over the past month. If you find that many items repeat, those are the staples you would want to stockpile. Keeping a food journal is another way to get this information. It’s also great to look at if you are trying to achieve weight loss.

How much to purchase:
• As you think about what you need, the question then becomes how much to purchase?  The quantity is a different number for everyone. I personally keep a three-month supply of health and beauty items in stock. Many of these items can easily be, so a larger supply isn't necessary for us. 

• When you determine the quantity, take into consideration what events may be coming up. If I can find a great sale on products that make great gifts, I might stock up on those items so I can have them on hand.

Where will everything be stored:
• Before you purchase a multitude of products, figure out where everything will be stored. Knowing where you will store items may also help determine how much you will be able to purchase.

• Pay close attention to the storage recommendations for your stockpile items. If the item should be stored in a cool place and it has been stored in a hot garage, the item may not have the same quality upon use. Even if you paid nothing for those items, it’s not a deal if it goes bad!

While stockpiling for your own family is a reward because you can save big, there are other opportunities for your stockpile. Consider buying extras at low prices to gift to others, donate to food pantries, shelters, your school’s donation box or even just a neighbor needing something quick.

What tips do you have for stockpiling? Where do you store your stockpile?

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On Thursday, February 10, 2011, Dena in West Virginia wrote

I'm starting to stockpile a 3-month supply as well. I dedicate about $20.00 a week to the effort. Budgeting an amount for it keeps my spending in check.

On Thursday, February 10, 2011, Sharon from Cincinnati wrote

I especially like the idea of giving to others. I am able to stockpile items due to smart shopping and really enjoy giving to family members as well as the church pantry. Win, win, win.

On Thursday, February 10, 2011, Jennifer from Wichita Ks wrote

Thank you Andrea for this positive tone article. It's nice to have that positive re-enforcement to what us "couponers" do. It takes a tremendous amount of time, organization and thought to organize, obtain and maintain items in a household when you attempt to get these items on the best price. I hate when you have other shoppers and even employees at stores frown at you for your hard work. I don't buy more than my family needs but I have many families I give out a list to and coupons to so that they can also take advantage of my hard work. Your article is well appreciated!

On Thursday, February 10, 2011, Angie from MO wrote

Toilet paper! One cannot have enough TP on hand.


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