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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to Make a Tree Swing | Family Economics


Tori Tait 


If you’re looking for a fun family project this weekend– this is it!  Recently, my seven-year-old daughter had been wishing for a tree swing. After a little research, we discovered a simple way to grant her wish with a DIY project! The project required only a few supplies and took about 20 minutes to make (which meant she was swinging in no time). Because it only takes a few supplies and is fairly quick, this project is ideal to do with a child (as long as there is parental supervision) because they will be engaged for the entire project.



  • Tape measure and pencil
  • 24-inch wooden round plate (you can find this in the wood section of local home improvement store)
  • A drill with a 1-inch spade bit
  • 25 feet of 3/4-inch natural rope (you’ll need enough to hang from a secure tree branch to the ground plus about 3 more feet)

Building the swing 


Step 1: Using a tape measure, mark the center of the round plate with a pen. Place the round plate on grass or prop it up so that the drill doesn’t go through another surface. Then, drill a hole in the center of the round plate with the 1-inch spade bit, going all the way through. Note: This step should be completed by parents only. Make sure you’re drilling away from children and pets.

Step 2: This is where your children can jump in to help. With their help, thread the end of the rope through the hole from top to bottom, and then (parents) tie a very secure knot on the bottom of the swing (round plate).

Step 3: Once the knot is secure, you’ll want to make sure you hang your swing on a really strong limb of a sturdy tree. Once you’ve chosen the perfect area, wrap the rope around the thickest limb of the tree twice and tie in a very secure knot. Your swing should be about 3 feet off the ground. Before you let the kids start swinging, carefully give the swing a good test yourself to make sure it’s secure.

What type of outdoor projects do you and your children partake in?

Tree swing 

Photos courtesy of Tori Tait.

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