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Creative Ways to Use Office Labels Outside of Your Office

Have you ever repurposed something ordinary into something completely new? When you take a moment to think of new uses for old things, you begin to think creatively and come up with ideas like turning used tin cans into new office accessories...

4 Creative Ways to Wrap a Gift Card

4 Creative Ways to Wrap a Gift Card

Gifting gift cards doesn’t have to be boring. There are several ways you can get creative with your gift wrapping this season. Gift cards are small which means you have several options on how to present them...

Tips for Storing Thanksgiving Leftovers

Tips for Storing Thanksgiving Leftovers

I always spend so much time on my Thanksgiving menu that I can’t wait to not have to cook for the next few days and be able to enjoy the leftovers all weekend long...

DIY Halloween Balloons

DIY Halloween Balloons

Looking to create some simple Halloween decorations? The best projects (in my opinion) are the ones that don’t require a ton of supplies and aren’t overly complicated. This DIY idea is neither of these things....

12 Kid-Approved Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy On a Road Trip

With most schools out for the summer, many of us are already getting into vacation mode and planning the next family getaway. Whether you’re planning to arrive at your destination by plane or car, you're sure to have a wonderful time with your family – that is, so long as you can keep your children entertained long enough to get there!...

7 Tips to Be More Productive When Working From Home

While some people are lucky enough to have their office in the comfort of their own home, it can become fairly easy to take advantage of that luck and get a little too comfortable. When working from home it’s easy to forget that...

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People buy about 320 million cleaning products in trigger bottles each year. If just 20% of those were refilled, each year it could save 7 million pounds of plastic - the weight of 1,170 minivans.

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