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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Dozen Apps For Busy Moms | Family Economics

By Trisha

With the use of smart phones and tablets, moms are using apps to do anything from keeping track of their grocery lists to scheduling play dates in order to simplify their daily lives and organize their families. Here are a dozen apps to begin simplifying your mom world:

Dinner Spinner – Use this recipe finder app (download here) to search over 40,000 quick and easy recipes from

CardStar – Go cardless with CardStar app (download here) to keep track of your plastic loyalty cards, reward cards and club memberships. When you are out shopping or on the go, quickly access your cards with a single touch from the CardStar home screen.

Shop Savvy – No more running from store to store to find the best prices! Instead, you can now find the right product at the best price using Shop Savvy. It is the fastest, most accurate and most comprehensive scanner app (download here) around.

Coupon Sherpa – Find hundreds of in-store coupons to save you money on clothing, electronics, travel, spring goods and even restaurants. Coupon Sherpa (download here) also has exclusive coupons for their app only.

OurGroceries – OurGroceries (download here) is the simplest way to keep your grocery lists instantly synchronized on all the smartphones in your household by automatically updating them with the latest changes. Now, when a family member is out shopping and you are at home and run out of milk, you can add it to the OurGroceries list and they will see it within seconds.

Gas Buddy – Never overpay for gas again by using Gas Buddy (download here) to find the cheapest gas on the go! In one click, you will be able to locate gas stations near you and compare their current gas prices.

Mom Maps – While traveling, you can now find kid-friendly places with the Mom Maps app (download here), including parks, restaurants, museums and plenty of fun indoor options. This app also includes parent reviews for you to hear firsthand where the real fun is while traveling.

Cozi –With little effort, you can now manage a shared family calendar, shopping list, to-do list and family journal while you're on the go for no more missed appointments or forgotten shopping items. Accessible from any computer or mobile device, Cozi (download here) allows you to create to-do lists, chore charts and even plan your next party.

Instant Playdates –The app (download here) simplifies your playdates by allowing you to broadcast when you and your children are available to play, letting your Facebook friends know your availability and location instantly.

Life360 – By making your family members check in on Life360 (download here), you can keep track of them and know their whereabouts instantly.

Intuition Mom’s Personal Assistant – The app (download here) is designed by moms for moms to help you get things done. It allows you to organize to-do lists or tasks, save money with the coupon finder and keep your calendar updated, among other things.

HomeRoutines – The app (download here) that allows you to create routine checklists of your household tasks with the ability to schedule them the days of the week you choose. It also includes built-in timer and reminder options.

What apps do you use to simplify your mom world? What do you think about the ones I listed above?

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On Thursday, April 12, 2012, Lisa @ wrote

Great suggestions on apps to make life easier! I already use the Cozi app and love it - will have to check out the others too!

On Wednesday, April 11, 2012, Brooke from Ohio wrote

I love the Cozi app!


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