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Whether they're sweet, sentimental or laugh-out-loud funny, family stories celebrate the people we love and the moments we've shared.

We have three topics open right now: Funny Family-isms, Great Advice and Secret Recipes. We hope you'll read through the stories others have submitted or share a story of your own. Looking forward to hearing from you!

My Dad Also Said the Ifs and Buts, with a different Twist

John Walter Fiske (born Fisk) from Alabama

My father -- Walter B. Fisk(e) --- (interesting connection) was also fond of the "If's and But's" story shared by one of your employees, except his version was "If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, it'd be Christmas every day!" :) Just had to share....

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My great grandfather

Jenkins from West Memphis!

My great grandfather was a great man, he lived to be 100 years old. He always told me, don't worry about the others, you do your part! He was teaching us self accountability, and his words still ring true with me today. I'm always pushing self...

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Do what you love...

Ryan from Los Angeles

My father always told us to do what you love, and the money will follow. It's the best advice I've gotten. Not only does it encourage you to follow your passion, but it's practical. If the thing you love happens to be extremely lucrative - great. If...

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Words in our family


My little brother could never say Hospital he called it hospitable now we all say that!

4 year old's comments about S.C. Johnson

Evelyn from Neenah, Wisconsin

Anne, our 4 year old granddaughter, was playing with a spring toy and was using it as a ladder for a prince. Grandpa asked, "Where did you get that ladder?" Anne said, "It was made by S.C. Johnson Inc. a family company." We asked her where she heard...

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Driving thru parking lots

Lois from Texas

When we were stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington, we were on a trip with another family and we were in seperate cars. We were following them and all of a sudden the lead driver pulled into a parking garage. Of course he realized his mistake, as...

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Shout it out with SHOUT...

Kay from Panama City, FL

Our family moved 8 times in 15 years due to government service. Finally, my husband retired and we decided to build a home. I wanted white carpeting in most of the house. I love hardwood but it is soooooo noisy... My husband reluctantly agreed. ...

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My oldest daughter Lisa - Stay with your dream

Larry from Bossier City, LA

I came from a medical family; my dad was a family practice physician (as was his father), and my mom was an RH. Both were in and met in WWII in England. They came back married and had five kids in six years. I got married in college and had two...

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