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What's Your Best Story?

Whether they're sweet, sentimental or laugh-out-loud funny, family stories celebrate the people we love and the moments we've shared.

We have three topics open right now: Funny Family-isms, Great Advice and Secret Recipes. We hope you'll read through the stories others have submitted or share a story of your own. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Swallowing up

Anna from Chatham-Kent, Canada

When my children were small we had a farm so that we could give them better food than what I could afford to purchase in the store for them. I would have to go early in the morning out to look after the animals before I would wake up the children to...

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Pledge has another use.

Allan Thorstad

Dear Sirs of SC Johnson, Your Pledge commercals are great but,there is another use.Fixing scratched CD & DVD's!The only suggestion is to keep it away from the center of the CD/DVD.It makes the discs too slippery for the players to grip.The main...

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Ziploc bags saved my trip

hilary from manhattan beach, ca

I just returned from Peru where I was hiking the Inca Train (26 miles to Machu Picchu) and on the second day (of 4 days) we got caught in a huge rainstorm. It rained for 15 hours straight and it was cold because we were over 11,000 feet. My...

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Peoples Family Macaroni and Cheese

John from Philadelphia

Add a can of creamy Campbell's soup. It makes the dish 10 times better. Dont tell my sisters I told you.

A Mix-Up That Makes Sense

Lisa from Texas

When my daughter was about four, she got two phrases mixed up and they have become a standard expression within our family. Exasperated about something, she combined "getting on my nerves" and "making me nervous" and said to us, "You're making on my...

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Bonding time through funny photos

Kauai Girl

My son and I went for a two week vacation to visit my cousin and her family on Maui, Hawaii. She has four boys and I have one. This one particular night I was using my laptop to do some school work. Well my son and his 4 yr. old cousin wandered into...

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Thank you for presenting Hallmark Stories- and keep them coming

Tom/Penni from Valencia, CA

Everytime we see SC Johnson as sponsor for the Hallmark Stories, we know you and your family care about others. That to us means a lot. You sponsor primary shows through Larry Levinson. Please keep up the good understanding of what family means and...

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A Great Visit in 1998

Daniel de Queiroz Chaves from Fortaleza-Ceará-Brasil

I was only 17 years old, when we receive a call telling that a family want's to visit our farm. We didn't understand at first but they explain that they were doing the same trip as their father. It was the Johnson family, they went to Rachel de...

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