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Funny Family-isms

Every family has its own language. You know...the words your kids mispronounced so often they became part of everyday life. Or the blurted-out exclamation that became a family mantra. Tell us about one of your family’s special phrases. Who started it? Has it spread outside your family?

My Dad Also Said the Ifs and Buts, with a different Twist

John Walter Fiske (born Fisk) from Alabama

My father -- Walter B. Fisk(e) --- (interesting connection) was also fond of the "If's and But's" story shared by one of your employees, except his version was "If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, it'd be Christmas every day!" :) Just had to share....

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Words in our family


My little brother could never say Hospital he called it hospitable now we all say that!

4 year old's comments about S.C. Johnson

Evelyn from Neenah, Wisconsin

Anne, our 4 year old granddaughter, was playing with a spring toy and was using it as a ladder for a prince. Grandpa asked, "Where did you get that ladder?" Anne said, "It was made by S.C. Johnson Inc. a family company." We asked her where she heard...

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imaginary friend

Linda in Wisconsin

My youngest daughter had an imaginary friend when she was about 6-7 years old. It was Big-Big-Nanna. It wasn't big banana as we were corrected often when we said that. It wasn't my big nanna either because her only grandparent was called "Bestie"....

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My mommy

Brittany from chicago

I just came home from visiting my family in kentucky and I realized that I have grown to become a mini version of my mom. We both love glade and sc johnson products because they make you feel right at home.

Spring memories

Michelle In Aravad, CO

I was doing my spring cleaning in my home when I took a pause and considered some of the products I was using. I realized that I am using the same items that are in my memory of a bright spring day when my mom was doing her spring cleaning. I was...

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