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Kay from Panama City, FL

Our family moved 8 times in 15 years due to government service. Finally, my husband retired and we decided to build a home. I wanted white carpeting in most of the house. I love hardwood but it is soooooo noisy... My husband reluctantly agreed. However, for the last 7 years, his main complaint was keeping the carpet clean. I had carpet companies and tried it myself but there was always a "dull dirt residue" no matter what I tried. One day, I ran out of my regular carpet cleaner and decided to try SHOUT spray on a bad spot. It came out. I have used it regularly ever since and I have "like new" carpet again. No more residue. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, S.C. Johnson. You should list it on the back of the bottle. I have told everyone about it....

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