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My oldest daughter Lisa - Stay with your dream

Larry from Bossier City, LA

I came from a medical family; my dad was a family practice physician (as was his father), and my mom was an RH. Both were in and met in WWII in England. They came back married and had five kids in six years. I got married in college and had two kids and a station wagon before I got out (no one ever told me I couldn't have kids, go to college while my wife was also in college, work 5 jobs and still make good grade and have fun with my kids, even camping at a very young age). At 5 years old my Lisa was seen by an orthodontist because of crowding of her teeth (our regular dentist's wife was my first cousin and Godmother; my dad delivered their 3 children). Lisa fell in love with her orthodontist and dentistry at that first meeting. She had already taught herself to read at 3 years of age just by being read to every night. She excelled in grade school, Jr' High, and High School. In Jr. High she began to play clarinet because she wanted the dexterity in her fingers. She never varied from the desire to become a dentist and after HS was accepted into Scholar's College at NSU, where she remained in the band. Heavy class loads (half drop out before grad.), active in band and working several job prepared her for LSU Dental School. She married her HS sweetheart while in Dental School and now has her own practice in her home town and is raising her 2 gifted and talented children. My wife and I always remain amazed that she never varied from her dream a age 5 to become a dentist.

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