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Is that RAID?

The Armstrong's from California

My mom passed away about 18 years ago but when she was alive following a severe stroke her judgment wasn’t always the best. She was notorious for spraying excessive amounts of RAID in the kitchen during summer and winter when ants were particularly bothersome. I’d come in her house and ask “Mom! Have you’ve been spraying that RAID all over the place again? It’s not perfume!” She would always reply in her high pitched southern drawl. “RAID? I don’t smell any RAID” – but I knew she liked to keep the can under her bed and sure enough, that’s where I would always find it. When I would show her the can and say “what’s this?” She said knowing full well -- “Oh is that RAID?” At that point, I couldn’t get mad. My young son would burst out laughing. To this day, you’ll find a can of Raid (in its proper place) under the kitchen sink. I might add that when it does come out it’s used as directed. I purchase other Johnson’s Wax Products but RAID will forever bring back funny memories with my mom. During holidays most have the familiar memories of holiday aromas of peppermint, evergreen, gingerbread, pumpkin pie, and the like. Ours had all those and RAID.

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