Five Generations of Johnsons

H. Fisk Johnson

Fisk Johnson's story is still unfolding. He's the current Chairman and CEO of SC Johnson, the fifth generation Johnson to lead this family company. He's also a working dad who loves spending time with his daughter, as well as being a pilot, scuba diver and skier.  

 Young Fisk

Generations of Legacy

Being the fifth generation to lead a family company comes with a lot of responsibility. It also comes with a great legacy to guide you.  


Throughout his life, Fisk grew up steeped in the stories of this family company – stories about his father, grandfather and previous generations’ vision and values, adventures and aspirations. To this, he brought the love of science that he shares with his mom, and in school he earned degrees in chemistry, engineering and physics, as well as business.  


Combined, all these influences led to a commitment to the environment, and a solid grounding in the long-standing values of the company...values like integrity, and innovation, and community. And these values and commitment remain the fundamental guiding force of the company today.   


Committed to Our Planet

But it’s not just about wanting to do the right thing – it’s about actually doing it. For example, in the late 1990s, the company created a new way to select product ingredients that are Recognized at the White Housebetter for the environment. This idea was starting to develop in the company, but the path didn’t look easy.  


There were literally tens of thousands of raw materials and components, and hundreds of different ways we could classify them. It was too complicated, people said, or too expensive, or too difficult. But building from a legacy of environmental commitment....there is always a way. Fisk believed in the team, and they delivered.


Now, nearly 10 years later, SC Johnson has received wide recognition for our Greenlist™ process for choosing better, more sustainable ingredients for our products. In 2006, it was even honored at the U.S. White House. But most important, we've used the Greenlist™ process to continually improve our products around the world.  


Championing the Future

SC Johnson also has begun working closely with partners in developing countries to create sustainable and environmentally responsible business opportunities that drive economic growth.  


The idea is simple: Partner with local entrepreneurs to create new or more successful enterprises, and the impact Visiting Rwandaripples throughout the local economy. Help ensure the enterprises are responsible for people and the planet, and we're helping do what's right for future generations. Plus, if the effort helps SC Johnson, then there's a sustainable reason to keep investing.  


SC Johnson's project to help Rwanda pyrethrum farmers enhance their production is a great example. Through it, we get an increased supply of sustainable East African pyrethrum, which we use in our pest control products. At the same time, the farmers and their families benefit from increased returns that enable them to improve their quality of life.  


So what will Fisk's legacy be?

He hopes it will include helping SC Johnson continue to grow and flourish so we can achieve our ultimate goal of making the world a better place. But at the end of the day, Fisk knows that like his father before him, what matters most is the legacy he can leave as a parent. And that's his top priority. 


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