30 Green Days

Join Us in Going Green

One simple act each day can inspire a lifetime of great green habits.

On March 17, 2014, SC Johnson kicked off its 30 Green Days Challenge, designed to inspire families like yours to take simple steps each day on the path to developing green habits for a lifetime. We hope you’ll join us!

First, Learn from Other Families

30 Green DaysThe 30 Green Days Challenge starts with four families agreeing to make one simple, green-minded change every day for 30 days. We’ll be sharing posts about their experiences here on our Green Choices blog, and encourage you to check out what their saying on their sites, too. The participants are:

  • Sheena Tatum from Sophistishe. Sheena’s a stay-at-home wife and mother of two children in Valparaiso, Indiana. Throughout the 30 Green Days Challenge, she and her family aim to inspire and encourage their friends, family and fans to join in the challenge.
  • Liz Jarvis of The Mum Blog. Liz is a mother and travel enthusiast from London, England. Her family’s passion for the environment led her to the 30 Green Days Challenge, but other interests include movies, food and fashion.
  • Katie Goodman, author of Good Life Eats Etc. from Boulder, Colorado. Katie and her family pride themselves on thinking green – especially when it comes to recycling. In addition, together the family enjoys testing food recipes, traveling and enjoying every day adventures.
  • Jill Amery of the Savvy Mom Blogger Collective and publisher of UrbanMommies.com, an online Canadian lifestyle magazine filled with advice for moms. Living close to nature on an island off the coast of British Columbia, Jill knows firsthand the importance of living green and is committed to reducing her family's environmental impact.

Sheena, Liz, Kate and Jill will be sharing updates on their progress and offering tips ranging from energy and water conservation to reducing waste and recycling more. Follow their progress on the Green Choices blog here our site, on their blogs, and on social media with the hashtag #30GreenDays.

Next, Try Your Own 30 Green Days Challenge

CalendarThroughout the spring, we hope you’ll consider trying your own 30 Green Days Challenge with your family – and we want to help! We’ve developed an action calendar as well as tip sheets for trying, or increasing, green choices like recycling and saving energy.

Check out our Green Source page for helpful printables.

And, let us know how it goes! Share your experiences with the hashtag #30GreenDays.

You can also check out our Green Choices Marketplace for products that help support green choices. Our concentrated cleaner refills from Windex®, Pledge® and other brands come in recyclable mini bottles so you can refill an existing spray bottle instead of tossing it.

And for those whose communities offer curbside commercial composting, Ziploc® Brand Compostable Bags are available on the site. (Note: These are not for backyard composting. They’re only for use with curbside commercial composting programs that accept food scraps and compostable bags.)

Thanks for Joining Us!

As our Chief Sustainability Officer, Kelly Semrau, noted with the launch of the 30 Green Days Challenge, our mission is to help close the gap and generate conversation about sustainable behaviors. “What’s exciting about 30 Green Days is that it’s centered on real families and real experiences. Whether it’s trial, tribulation or triumph, there’s learning about sustainable behavior that can inform and inspire others.”

We can’t wait to hear about your experiences with #30GreenDays. That’s for joining us…and good luck! 

Join us! Here are tips to help your family get started.

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Need some inspiration? Check out our GreenGrams tips, reflections and brainteasers about ways we can all be a little greener.

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See what we're doing at SC Johnson as we work to make our own green choices.

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