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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Camping is a Great Green Vacation

By Scarlet

family campingOur special family vacation every year is camping. My family goes because we love nature and want to inspire that love in our children as well. We also camp because it allows us to get away from all the distractions and focus on each other – and it is fun! An added benefit of leaving the TV, computers and cell phones at home is that, of course, we conserve tons of energy!

While we are away on our camping vacation, we save on all of our utilities, including the air-conditioner! (We always pick a cooler place to camp, like northern mountains.) In addition to saving on utilities, it makes us appreciate the modern-day luxuries we often take for granted, such as easy access to electricity and running water! I think it is good for my kids to recognize how many amenities we really do have in our daily lives.

On our camping trips, we go to bed when it gets dark and wake when the birds start chirping. Our activities are planned around nature. We hike in the morning while it is still cool and swim or nap during the hottest part of the day.  

Camping is a great green vacation because you will save tons of energy and gain a renewed appreciation for the beauty and rhythm of nature.

Here are a few tips to keep your camping trip green:

1.  Always clean up after yourself. Litter is not only unsightly but also dangerous to the wildlife.
2.  Practice fire safety to ensure that fires do not get out of hand.
3.  Borrow camping equipment that you may not own (especially if you aren't an avid camper yet).
4.  Bring reusable items instead of disposable items.
5.  Bring prepared food from home. This may help you cut down on junk food.
6.  Do not remove plants or animals from their natural habitat. Try to leave nature undisturbed.
7.  Leave your electronics at home—take a vacation from them, too!

Where is your favorite place to camp? I'd also love to hear your suggestions and tips for camping with your family!

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