Saving Energy

As a family, you make choices every day. And as a family company, we want to help you make choices you can feel good about - whether it's ways to simplify or products you can trust for your home.

Expert Tips

Whether it's remembering to flick off the light switch or making a major change like buying a choices mean a brighter future. Here are some tips to get you started.

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Drive Steadily

Properly inflate your tires and drive steadily to improve your mileage by about 3.3%. This will save the average driver about $60 a year and reduce carbon emissions by almost 400 lbs.

Try Incentives

Can't get your kids to turn off the light when they leave their rooms? Tape a $5 bill over the light switch. Tell them if they remember all week, the cash is theirs.

Consider Greener Choices

Consider Greener Choices

Look for products that provide the benefits you need with less impact. For example, Ziploc® evolve™ Bags use 25 percent less plastic than regular bags and are produced using wind energy, so the overall environmental footprint of these bags is reduced.

Ditch Old Duds

Ditch Old Duds

Those ancient sweaters you never pull out of the closet? There's someone in your community who needs them more than your closet does. Consider donating them to keep somebody warm.

Buy It Used

Consider buying items second-hand. Anything from furniture to fixtures, books to laptops. It can save you a bundle. After all, one man's trash is another's treasure.

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