Saving Energy

Making green choices means more than simply buying energy efficient appliances or recycling the newspaper. Those are great steps! But it's also about recognizing how much we already have, and how to make the most of it.

Tips From You

Here are tips suggested by Green Choices readers. While we don't verify each individual tip, we're glad to start the dialogue and hope you'll find some helpful ideas.

Have a tip to share?

Shop Goodwill

Rachel from the Mile High City!

Shop at the goodwill - REUSING is a great way to cut down on costs and production.

Cook to Size

Kerry from South Florida

Very little food is wasted in our house. I only cook enough for the family and anything left goes into the fridge for the next day's...

Bring it Home

Myles from L.A.

If you have extra napkins on the table of the place you are dining, take and fold them up and bring them with you... rather than the...


Kitty from Knoxville

Read Used Books!!

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