Saving Energy

We all know the importance of recycling paper, cans and glass. But you might be surprised to learn how many other ways there are to reduce and recycle so that less and less goes into landfills.


Looking for good ideas? We always are too! That's why we invite our SC Johnson Blogger Panel members to share eco-friendly tips and activities here on the Green Choices Blog.


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In today's society, most people keep their cell phone attached to their hip. There are definitely pros and cons of staying connected 24/7, but one benefit is that it can help us live a greener life.  If you find yourself needing reminders or more detailed information about reducing your carbon footprint, these apps might be a big help to you!...

How to Complete a Toy Purge

Clutter becomes a problem in the lives of most people and if you have children, it is easy to become overwhelmed with toy clutter. It is important to take back your space so you that you can function and feel better. An organized space is more attractive to the eye, calming to the soul, and sets a good example for your kids. With the holidays around the corner...

Recycling Tips for Teens

As a mom of a teen and a tween, I found it was much easier to involve my children in recycling when then were younger than it is now. My two kids that have been recycling for as long as they remember have become less enthusiastic about the practice...

I absolutely love decorating for the holidays but prefer to find ways to use recycled items rather than buy new d├ęcor. One of my favorite Halloween crafts is to turn old bottles into pumpkins and ghosts...

How to Find the Best Reusable Water Bottle

Disposable plastic water bottles are incredibly cheap and easy to throw in a lunchbox or workout bag. However, they are also clogging our landfills and cost significantly more money than if we filled a reusable water bottle with filtered tap water...

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